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Top 7 Pizza Restaurants - Orlando

Posted on 16 May 2017 by Beth

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Lazy Moon

Orlando is a great city and one that you are going to want to try everything that you can from theme parks to the restaurants. With all the choices in restaurants you should know about the top 7 pizza restaurants in Orlando to try to get to if you are in the mood for some great tasting pie. 

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  • 7. NYPD Pizza @NYPDPizzeria -

    This is part of the same NYPD Pizza chain you see in quite a few tourist spots. However, this time the restaurant is located in beautiful Orlando. So you can easily have a great time and quite a bit of food. Our favorite dish from NYPD Pizza in Orlando is the Bayside Bianca. 

  • 6. Pizza Xtreme @PizzaXtreme -

    If you want to have some great pizza then you will love Pizza Xtreme. This is a restaurant that has been around for a little over a decade so they know what they are doing and how to make some mean pizza. The pizza we love is the whole 9 yards.

  • 5. Pizza Mia @pizzamiaorlando -

    Pizza Mia is a location that you will enjoy because it has some of the best gourmet pizzas around. The location has some great pizzas and an atmosphere to match them. Our personal favorite pizza is the pepperoni pizza.

  • 4. Pizzeria Del-Dio @deldiopizza -

    In this location you will find the older style tables and chairs that are common in a lot of New York Pizza Restaurants. That is because this is a New York Style Pizza restaurant. Our favorite dish off of the menu here is the Sicilian pizza. 

  • 3. Brick & Fire @brickandfire -

    Brick & Fire may seem like it is a very casual spot, which it is for the atmosphere. However, this does not detract from the sophistication of the food. The pizza that we love the most from Brick & Fire is the Brick & Fire Classic, which is simple, but mind blowing. 

  • 2. Pizza Bruno @PizzaBrunoZ -

    Pizza Bruno is a place that you will not expect a lot from, but will be shocked once you sit down and have a piece of pizza. The restaurant will blow your mind with the quality of the food and the excellent taste of the food you are getting. The pizza we love the most is the 'Roni 13.

  • 1. Lazy Moon @LazyMoonPizza -

    The name may say lazy in it, but that is how you will feel after you have eaten the great meal from here. The food is top quality and the atmosphere is great and makes you want to eat more. Our favorite pizza from Lazy Moon is The Buff. 

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