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Top 7 Pizza Restaurants - Nashville

Posted on 7 April 2017 by Danielle

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Two Boots Nashville

Nashville is the Music City and it is a place that you are going to love because of the music and the entertainment you get from the place. What else you are going to like is the fact that Nashville has plenty of options for pizza restaurants.We have went out and ranked the top 7 pizza restaurants in Nashville to help narrow down your choice.

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  • 7. Angelos Picnic Pizza @AngelosPicnicPizza -

    Angelo's is a place that you are going to like because it has a history of being a great place to go to in Nashville for pizza, but also because it has the foldable NY style pizza that you will like. The pizza we love is the one the place is known for and that is the NY Style.

  • 6. Pizze Real @pizzereal -

    Pizzereal is a place that tends to hold onto the Mediterranean style of dishes that are famous. The place has an atmosphere that is well lit and can easily lead to you wanting to eat more because you see the goodness of the food. The dish we enjoy from Pizze Real is Tuscan Garden pizza that is stunningly good.

  • 5. Mafiaoza's @MAFIAoZAS12south -

    The patio seating and the great atmosphere give this place a leg up on the competition. The place is laid back as well, which helps out and allows you to enjoy a meal. Our favorite dish from the menu is the classic basic pizza that is made to perfection. 

  • 4. Fox's Pizza Den @FoxsPizzaDenNashville -

    Fox's Pizza Den is a place that has some unique pizzas that are going to give you some great tasting food, but also have a unique shape to some of the pizzas that you are going to get. Our personal favorite dish from the menu is the fairly new White Pizza. 

  • 3. Italia Pizza and Pasta @ItaliaPizzaAndPasta -

    Italia Pizza and Pasta is a place that you are going to love eating at. The location has all the food that you could imagine and with the causal atmosphere you will not feel crowded. The pizza that we love here is the Spinach Pizza that has some amazing flavors that everyone in the family loves. 

  • 2. DeSanos Pizza Bakery @desano_chs -

    DeSanos is a great place to go and eat at what some may consider a traditional Italian bakery for pizza. The atmosphere is great and the food is even better. Our personal favorite from DeSanos is the San Gennaro which is a great pizza to eat as a family. 

  • 1. Two Boots @twobootsnash -

    Kids love pizza and if you are able to travel and find a kid friendly pizza restaurant is a great thing. That is exactly what you get when you go to Two Boots pizza a kid friendly pizza restaurant with great food. Our personal favorite is the large cheese pizza with the andouille sausage. 

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