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Top 7 Pizza Restaurants - Napa Valley

Posted on 20 May 2017 by Mary

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Azzuro Pizza

Napa Valley is a place that when you think of it you immediately think of the wineries that are in the region. However, when you think of wineries you think of Italian or French style of wines, but what you need to realize is the wine in Napa Valley is often better than what you can get. What goes great with wine, though, is pizza, and to help you out we have ranked the top 7 pizza restaurants in Napa Valley. 

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  • 7. Papa Joe's Napa @Papa-Joes-Pizza -

    Papa Joes, not to be confused with Papa Johns, is a local restaurant that prides themselves on providing the top quality pizza around. The restaurant has quite a wide range of foods available. Our personal favorite dish from Papa Joe's is the BBQ Chicken Pizza.

  • 6. Kitchen Door @KitchenDoorNapa -

    Kitchen Door is a great location that you are going to really enjoy. This location is located in the middle of town, but it also has some great food as well to compliment the great location. Our favorite dish is the Alsatian Pizza.

  • 5. Foodshed Take Away @FoodshedPizza -

    Now the name itself makes it sound like your food is coming from the shed, but you need to realize it is not coming from a shed. The food is stunning and the atmosphere is very relaxed in this great restaurant. Our personal favorite is the potato pizza that is different, but taste great. 

  • 4. Velo @velopizzeria -

    Velo is a location that has a fantastic atmosphere with the great comforts that you would expect. However, the attention to detail is going to blow your mind away as they take so much care to make sure you love the pizza. Our favorite pizza from Velo is the White Pizza.

  • 3. Forge Pizza @ForgePizza -

    With each pizza and dough being handcrafted you are sure to get a great pizza here. The Forge Pizza location is one that you are simply going to fall in love with because of the detail they put into the pizzas, but also the great taste as well. Our favorite pizza from Forge is the Margherita. 

  • 2. Filippis Pizza Grotto @Filippis-Pizza-Grotto -

    The name says it all for this location, they are a true pizza grotto, except you want the food to come out from here! It is amazing and the atmosphere is great for a pizza restaurant. Our favorite dish from Filippis is the works, but we always have the anchovy held.  

  • 1. Azzurro Pizza @Azzurro-Pizzeria -

    Azzurro is a place that has some of the great Italian food you would come to expect, but it also has some great pizzas that amaze us. The pizza that we love from Azzurro is going to be the classic and that is the simple, pepperoni and cheese pizza. 

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