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Top 7 Pizza Restaurants - Los Angeles

Posted on 18 August 2017 by Jose

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Prime Pizza LA

Eating pizza is something that we all love to do and a lot of times traveling this is one of those foods that you can take comfort in because you know what to expect. However, when you are traveling you should make sure you know about the best pizza restaurants to go to and know you will have some great eat. With that being the case we have ranked the top 7 pizza restaurants in Los Angeles. 

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  • 7. 800 Degrees @800-Degrees-Pizza -

    800 Degrees is a beautiful place that you are going to love because you will like the fact that it is within walking distance of downtown and the hotels. However, the location has an amazing clams casino type of pizza that is out of this world. 

  • 6. Hollywood Pies @HollywoodPies -

    Hollywood Pies is a place that is well known for some great deep dish pies, but they are also known for having a sparsely decorated interior. The dish that we love the most from here is any of the Chicago Style deep dish pizzas that will make you think you are in the windy city instead of LA.

  • 5. DeSano Pizza Bakery @desanopizzala -

    DeSano Pizza Bakery is a place that you will find amazing because it has a fantastic name, but also amazing food. The food is so authentic in fact, that Italian visitors have a tendency to think they are back home, which is what makes it impossible for us to pick a single pizza.

  • 4. Pizzeria Mozza @PizzeriaMozza -

    Pizzeria Mozza is a place that has come about from the brain child of three famous chefs, one of them was Mario Batali. However, the place is one that has some very good pizza and definitely some unique pizzas. The one pizza that we are going to look forward to all the time is the one with egg on it. 

  • 3. Jon & Vinny's @jonandvinnys -

    Jon & Vinny's is more of an Italian style restaurant and it shows with the class and elegance of the restaurant. What is amazing is the dough that comes from here. The dough is allowed to rest for 2 days before it is used and this gives it a unique taste, but one that you will find amazing with any of the pizzas. 

  • 2. Settebello Pizzeria @SettebelloPizzeria -

    Settebello has some local connections as a USC quarterback was the founder of the mini chain. However, it is also known for having some of the great food that we have fallen in love with as well. Just like our top ranked Mother Dough, Settebello is known for the Neapolitan pizzas as well.

  • 1. Prime Pizza @primepizzala -

    Prime Pizza is a great pizza place that you are going to love. The location has some of the best pizza around, but it has an amazing Neapolitan pizza, but the one that we love from here is the sausage pizza that will make your taste buds tingle. 

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