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Top 7 Pizza Restaurants In San Diego

Posted on 3 February 2018 by Karen

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Bronx Pizza

Pizza is a quick and easy meal, but it is definitely a meal that if you go to the wrong location can make you wish you had found someplace else to eat. Since this is the case, I decided it was time to rank the top 7 pizza joints in San Diego.

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  • 7. Blind Lady Ale House @Blind-Lady-Ale-House -

    Blind Lady Ale House has some great beers and good pizza to boot. What we love the most from here is the pizza that is going to be tasting so good that it will make your mouth water. I love the egg and bacon pizza that is surprisingly very good tasting. 

  • 6. BigA @bigasandiego -

    Using locally sourced food it is going to be easy for you to see BigA is a great place to go and eat. What you are going to love even more about the location is the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. The pizza I love the most from here is the Napoli.

  • 5. Herb and Wood @herbandwood -

    While not a traditional pizza restaurant, it is a place you are going to fall in love with because they use only the freshest ingredients on the market. What else you will like is the atmosphere that goes along with the food you getting. No matter what I have to say the fresh ingredients on the pizza will make the difference here. 

  • 4. Tribute Pizza @tributepizza -

    Tribute Pizza is a place you are simply going to love because it is going to be great food and amazing portions for you to enjoy. The pizza that we love the most is the sesame pizza with arugula.  

  • 3. Sicilian Thing @SicilianThingPizza -

    You know that pizza comes in different styles? Well, if not then you will want to explore Sicilian Thing that serves mainly the Sicilian style pizzas. The pizza that I love is the BBQ Bacon Pineapple. 

  • 2. Napizza @Napizza -

    With a Roman Style chain you will find the place has an amusing atmosphere and it is definitely going to be something you are going to like. This location does have several different pizzas for you to select from that are really good, so our best advice is to try them all because I cannot narrow down my favorite. 

  • 1. Bronx Pizza @Bronx-Pizza -

    Bronx Pizza is going to make it easier for you to escape to New York or if you are from the East Coast you will feel like you are home. The pizza that you will enjoy from here is the porko pizza that is great tasting. 

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