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Top 7 Pizza Restaurants In Palm Springs

Posted on 21 February 2017 by Elizabeth

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Upper Crust Pizza

Pizza is a diet staple for a lot of American families. However, that is only because the food is quick and filling. With all the pizza restaurants to select from in most cities how can you tell what is the best outside of the reliable chain stores? Well, you read a list, like ours here covering the Top 7 Pizza Restaurants in Palm Springs. 

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  • 7. Rocky's New York Style PIzza @Rockys-New-York-Style-PIzzeria -

    After undergoing a renovation the location is reopened and did not disappoint. The bread is awesome, the pizza rocks, and the overall atmosphere is great. Our favorite dish from here is the 3 topping Calzone. Simply a stunning pizza dish that you can enjoy and be filled up with. 

  • 6. Johnny Costa's Ristorante @jcosta440 -

    Johnny Costa's is more of an all around Italian restaurant, but the food is top quality and taste great. At Johnny Costa's you will enjoy the gluten free menu option, but also the authentic brick fired pizza. Our personal favorite dish is the Napolitano Italian Margherita Pizza. 

  • 5. Zpizza @zpizza -

    Zpizza is the place to be if you want some unique creations for pizza. When you are at Zpizza, you will notice they have a great atmosphere and usually are crowded so make sure you get their early. Our personal favorite is the Tuscan Mushroom which has a perfect blend of mushrooms on a pizza.

  • 4. Haus of Pizza @Haus-of-Pizza -

    Haus of Pizza is a location that is a must try. The pizza is great, but they have some great Italian options as well for food to. When you are here you will find the food is going to be mind blowing. Our personal favorite dish here is to hit up the daily special, great food at a great price. 

  • 3. Sammy's Woodfired Pizza & Grill @SammysWoodfiredPizza -

    Nothing can be a wood fired pizza and that is what you are going to get from Sammy's. You get a great pizza pie and one that you will enjoy for quite a while. The meal is filling and great tasting at the same time. Our favorite pizza from Sammy's is the simple All Natural Pepperoni, once you have their pepperoni pizza you will not go back to any chain restaurants. 

  • 2. Stuft Pizza Bar and Grill @StuftPizzaBar -

    Stuft is a place that seems to have it all. They have great atmosphere and a fantastic choice of food to eat. Our favorite dish from Stuft is the Hawaiian pizza. Once you have tasted this perfect blend of pizza it is easy to see why the pizza has won awards.

  • 1. Upper Crust Pizza @Upper-Crust-Pizza -

    Upper Crust Pizza is a great place for Italian food of all types, but they specialize in the pizza pies. The food that you can order is among the best possible and provides you with a filling meals. At Upper Crust Pizza our favorite dish is the Hombre, which is a pizza that has spice, meat, and great taste. 

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