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Top 7 Pizza Restaurants - Houston

Posted on 24 April 2017 by Roger

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Eating pizza is something a lot of people are going to want to do when they are traveling. However, what people need to realize is each city has plenty of pizza restaurants to select from. With that being said, we have listed the top 7 pizza restaurants in Houston. 

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  • 7. Luna Pizzeria @Luna-Pizzeria-Houston-Texas -

    Luna is a great place for a quick bite to eat. However, Luna also makes it easier for you to get the food that you want to eat. Our favorite menu item from Luna is the Spicy Andouille pizza. 

  • 6. Coltivare @ColtivareHTX -

    Coltivare is one of those locations that will provide you with some great food and a warm wood fired oven. What is even better is the seating that is out by the garden area. Coltivare has the the excellent shrimp and pancetta pizza. 

  • 5. Franks Pizza @FranksPizzaHouston -

    Franks is located in the historic area of Houston, which allows you to have a great time in the city, but also they have delivery around the region if you do not want to leave your hotel room. Our favorite dish from Frank's is the meat special that is simply delish. 

  • 4. Star Pizza @starpizzahou -

    Star Pizza makes all of the pizzas to order and uses only the freshest possible ingredients to make the pizza, which helps make this place on our list. The pizza that we love from Star Pizza is the Marilyn's which has all the meats we love. 

  • 3. Bollo Woodfired Pizza @BolloHouston -

    Bollo is one of the best pizzas in town that is fired by wood, giving the pizza the unique taste and flavor profile that only wood can impart. The pizza that we tend to enjoy from Bollo is the Pesto Pollo if we do not build our own. 

  • 2. Piola @PiolaUSA -

    Piola is a place that is going to be one of those places that you are going love because it is an Italian chain based in Italy with an extension in Houston. So it is very easy to see you are going to get the authentic Italian pizza. Our favorite pizza from the menu is the Italia. 

  • 1. Luigis @LuigisPizzeriaMidtown -

    Luigi's is a place that is going to be have some of the best pizza in Houston. However, the place is one that has some great atmosphere as well. Luigi's is going to have one of our favorite menu items is the large meats pizza they have on their menu. 

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