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Top 7 Philadelphia Restaurants 2017

Posted on 1 June 2017 by Carrie

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Vernick Food And Drink

Are you planning on going to Philadelphia anytime soon? If you are going to this beautiful and important city, then you should know eating out is a must. To help you out, we have narrowed down the list of restaurants in the city to our top 7 restaurants in Philadelphia.

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  • 7. Vedge @Vedge-Restaurant -

    Sometimes you just want to go out and avoid all the meat you can for a meal. That is what is great about Vedge, which is a great vegetarian restaurant. Our favorite dish from the menu is the Nebrodini Mushrooms that are cooked to perfection each time we get them.

  • 6. Morimoto @MorimotoPHL -

    Morimoto in Philadelphia comes from the famous chef and it is without a doubt the best sushi bar in Philadelphia. Our favorite dish from the Morimoto restaurant in Philadelphia is the Omakase with the chefs choice on the meals that we are getting. 

  • 5. Noord @NoordPhilly -

    Noord is definitely a restaurant in Philadelphia that will satisfy your International curiosity when it comes to food. Noord is a restaurant that serves the Dutch Cuisine that everyone likes, but few have had. Our favorite dish from the menu is the Konijn in Het Zuur.

  • 4. Vetri @vetriristorante -

    Are you looking for some great Italian food in Philadelphia? If you are then make sure you stop at Vetri, which has some of the top tasting Italian food that we have ever had. The downside is all they have available as a dining option is the tasting menu, but once you see how extensive this menu is you will not mind eating the food from the menu.

  • 3. Zahav @ZahavRestaurant -

    Zahav is a place that will make you feel like you have traveled to Israel in one night. However, stepping out on the street you will quickly realize you are still in Philadelphia. Our favorite dish from the Israeli style restaurant is the duck hearts that are pretty good, if you have never had them before.

  • 2. Bibou @Bibou -

    French food is a great way to eat some great food and enjoy a fine dining experience and that is what you get from Bibou. This restaurant is simply stunning and the presentation on the plate is excellent. The one downside is this is a fixed price menu only, but you do get a full 7 courses of food to eat.

  • 1. Vernick Food & Drink @VernickPhilly -

    Vernick is a restaurant in Philadelphia that has some great food and a fantastic atmosphere that makes this place our best choice for food in Philadelphia. The restaurant serves the New American food that we have come to love. Our personal favorite dish from the menu is the wild striper with the baby zucchini. 

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