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Top 7 Parks - Washington DC

Posted on 10 September 2017 by Adam

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Theodore Roosevelt Island

When you come to Washington D.C., you will love the fact that you are in the seat of the nations power. However, if you are tired of touring museums and looking at the government buildings you may want to check out some of the parks that are in the DC area. Since this is the case, we have ranked the top 7 parks in Washington D.C.

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  • 7. Georgetown Waterfront Park -

    Sometimes you will want to find the perfect park, only to notice that it is limited by the water. However, the Georgetown Waterfront park is one that is simply amazing with what it offers for you to do and see and this is what makes a difference for the park as the promenade is great and offers amazing views. 

  • 6. Rawlins Park -

    Named for a general who served in the Civil War is Rawlins Park. This is a great park and definitely one you will enjoy because of the beauty of the park with the benches. However, if you are at this park at the right time of year you can easily enjoy the beautiful magnolia show. 

  • 5. Canal Park -

    It is hard to believe this used to be an old bus parking lot, but now it is one of the most popular parks in Washington. Canal Park has quite a bit going for it with the modern look and fantastic fountains that are very interactive. 

  • 4. The Yards Park -

    Sometimes you just want to go out and enjoy the waterfront and that is possible when you get here at The Yards Park. The place has some great grassy areas for you to enjoy and definitely has some good views of the river from the walking path. 

  • 3. Montrose Park -

    Montrose Park is a place that you are going to like if you want to go walking on the foot paths to get some great walking in. However, if you want to go out and play some tennis you have the chance to do that here at Montrose Park.

  • 2. Meridian Hill Park -

    When you are looking for a nice park with some great statutes to see and a cascading waterfall, you cannot go wrong with Meridian Hill Park. This is a park that is going to make it easier for you to have a great time in DC and know the area is full of attractions outside of the museums.

  • 1. Theodore Roosevelt Island Park -

    If you want to explore a beautiful park that is also an island, then you have to check out Theodore Roosevelt Island Park. It is in the middle of the Potomac River, but is is covering a little over 85 acres and is definitely a park you will enjoy for the beautiful views. 

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