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Top 7 Parks - Portland

Posted on 1 July 2017 by Nate

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Lauerlhurst Park

When you are looking for something to do in Portland, you will notice it can be a good thing to find a place to go and enjoy yourself. However, what you need to know know about is the top 7 parks to visit in Portland, even the worlds smallest park. 

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  • 7. Mill Ends Park -

    This is often billed as the Worlds Smallest Park. This is a park that does not have a lot of space available for you to stretch out your legs, but it made our list because it is the worlds smallest park and definitely has some great looks to the park. 

  • 6. Rocky Butte Park -

    The Rocky Butte Park is a place you are going to love to get to enjoy the stunning views of Portland and the beautiful area that is present around the city. What is amazing is the ease of access to this park and how it allows you to have a complete adventure in Portland. 

  • 5. The Fields Park -

    When you are looking at The Fields Park you will see it is a beautiful park that you are going to love. The Park has a large green space that is going to allow you to go out and enjoy, but also an off leash dog park area. What else is nice, is the beautiful walking trails that are present in the park. 

  • 4. Forest Park -

    The park is a very large park that is covered by 5,000 acres of woods and it is definitely a park that you have to visit when you are looking at the location. So you will love the fact this is going to make it easier for you to find your own secluded spot in the wilderness and be able to enjoy the beauty of the region. 

  • 3. Mt. Tabor Park -

    Mt. Tabor Park is a great park if you want to explore some of the extinct volcanoes that are present, but also if you want to enjoy the beauty that is around Portland. So this is easily one of the best places for you to enjoy to see everything you need to have. 

  • 2. Peninsula Park Rose Garden -

    The Rose Garden is one of those places you will like because it has quite a bit of attractions for you to enjoy, but also has tennis and basketball courts for you to love. What else is great is the rose garden has a large playground for the kids to enjoy. 

  • 1. Laurelhurst Park -

    Laurelhurst is a great park that you will enjoy because it is going to provide you with all the comforts you would expect in a 31 acre park. The park has a large pond for ducks, an off leash area for the dogs to run and enjoy, but it also has a ton of walking trails and picnic areas for you to enjoy. 

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