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Top 7 Parks - Philadelphia

Posted on 22 June 2017 by Carrie

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Race Street Pier

Philadelphia is the city of Brotherly Love and with that being the case, the parks are one of those places that you will love. When you are looking for a great place to go to in the city, you should know about the top 7 parks in Philadelphia like we have ranked here.

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  • 7. Independence National Historic Park -

    When you want to have a great park that you can enjoy and know it is full of history you will like to see and enjoy. This park has quite a bit of history and with the Independence Hall it makes it easier for you to have a great trip that you can learn quite a bit of information from. 

  • 6. Seger Park -

    If you want to find a great park for your kids then you will love Seger Park. This is a park that has a lot of attractions for the kids to see and playgrounds for you to take them to. 

  • 5. Penn Treaty Park -

    Do you want to enjoy the water in Philadelphia? If you do make sure you check out the Penn Treaty Park that has some of the best water front possible, but also makes it easier for you to enjoy the area with your kids because of the playgrounds that are present. 

  • 4. Wissahickon Valley Park -

    The Wissahickon Valley Park is a place that you are going to fall in love with for all the miles of trails it has. What is even better is the fact the trail has plenty for you to see and do including the allowing of horses on some of the trails. 

  • 3. Fairmount Park -

    This is a park that has plenty of walking trails for you to enjoy. These allow you to get all around the park, but also gives you a great view of the reservoir as well. What is even better is this park has a historic significance as well. 

  • 2. Washington Square -

    This is a park that you are going to like because it makes it easier for you to enjoy your trip and have a chance to go out and enjoy a historic park, but also a place that you will love going to because it makes it easier for you to enjoy the city and all that is around it. 

  • 1. Race Street Pier -

    Being surrounded by the water is very calming for some reason and is a great point that makes it easier for you to look out and see the large ships that go out into the ocean. With that being the case you will love the Race Street Pier because it allows you to do that, but it also allows you to get away from the headache that is present in the city. 

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