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Top 7 Parks - Orlando

Posted on 9 July 2017 by Beth

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Lake Idamere Park

Orlando has a ton of attractions from theme parks to resorts. However, Orlando is also a city that has some of the best parks in the world as well. This is why we have decided it was time to rank the top 7 parks in Orlando. 

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  • 7. Mullet Lake Park -

    Mullet Lake is a place that is going to connect multiple waterways together and this will make it easier for you to have a great trip. What is really nice is this is a great launching off point for a lot of the air boat tours. 

  • 6. Shingle Creek Regional Park -

    Located near Kissimmee is Shingle Creek. This is a park you are going to fall in love with. The place is a great location with plenty of historical structures you are going to love. So this is going to be a great location for you to enjoy and know you are learning a lot about historic Florida. 

  • 5. Lake Eola Park -

    Lake Eola Park is a great place that you are going to enjoy because it has plenty of things for you to do. The trail is going to wrap around the lake in the middle of the park, but also allows you to have stunning views of Orlando. With this park you are going to love the swan shaped rental boats you can use. 

  • 4. Lake Underhill Park -

    When you look at Lake Underhill you will find the place has plenty of attractions for you to enjoy if you are a fitness nut. The trails that are present are going to be a great thing to enjoy because it wraps you around the lake with stunning views. 

  • 3. Waterfront Park -

    A beachfront park is going to be a great thing to enjoy when you are in Florida. This is a park that you are going to enjoy because of the beach, but also the seasonal splash pad as well. You can even get kayaks or paddleboards for rent as well. 

  • 2. Wooton Park -

    If you want to have a splash pad to play on in the middle of summer, then you will like Wooton Park. This is a location that has plenty for you to enjoy outside of the splash pad including a wooden playground for the kids to play on.

  • 1. Lake Idamere Park -

    Lake Idamere is a great location that is in the Orlando area. This is a park that has several different playgrounds for the kids to enjoy, but also home to over sixty bird species and its own boardwalk to enjoy as well. 

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