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Top 7 Parks - New York City

Posted on 6 June 2017 by Bridget

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Central Park

New York City is a very beautiful city and with a sprawling metro area you know the green spaces are very important. With that being said, New York City has an extensive network of parks for you to enjoy and we have decided it was time to rank our top 7 parks in New York City. 

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  • 7. Riverside Park -

    Riverside is a park that runs along the river and it has a very storied history. It is also one of those parks that has multiple levels for you to enjoy as well. Overall, a great park with plenty of views of the beautiful river.

  • 6. Park Dog Run -

    You may think that Central Park is the largest park in New York City, but you would be mistaken. Park Dog Run is the biggest park in the city and easily one with the most features. The park offers a golf course, riding trails, and of course plenty of green space. 

  • 5. Bryant Park -

    The park next to the library is one that you are going to fall in love with. Bryant Park gives you a chance to check out a book from the main library, but then go outside grab a bite to eat from a food kiosk and then sit down and read the book you just checked out. 

  • 4. The High Line -

    If you want a unique park experience then you must try the High Line. This is a park that has taken some of the older rail lines in the city that are elevated and turned them into parks. The park has plenty of walking paths, views, but also green space you would normally not see in the city over the roads.

  • 3. Highland Park -

    Highland Park is one of those that is located in Brooklyn, but it is also a park that has a stunning setting. The park has the normal walking paths, green spaces, and other things. However, this park goes a step further and actually has the soccer fields and basketball courts that New York is famous for. 

  • 2. Fort Greene Park -

    This is a park that you are going to love for all that it has going on with it. The park has playgrounds, walking paths, and even a weekly market. Throw in other seasonal attractions and it is easy for you to see why this is such a popular park. 

  • 1. Central Park -

    Located in a very prominent place in New York is Central Park. This is one of those parks that you know you need to go and see to believe. The park, located in the city, has beauty, nature, and everything else that you are going to want to have. Overall, the best park to go and visit when you are in New York City. 

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