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Top 7 Parks - New Orleans

Posted on 29 May 2017 by Larry

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Audbon Park

New Orleans is seen as a party capital city, but you need to realize this is not always the case. Sometimes you just want to get away and unwind from all the partying that is going on. This is when you need to discover the Top 7 Parks in New Orleans for you to enjoy.

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  • 7. Woldenberg Park -

    Coming in at over 16 acres is Woldenberg Park. This is a park that has a lagoon for you to enjoy, riverside walking paths, and plenty of picnic shelters. With that you are able to have a great time with the park and know you are going to enjoy yourself. 

  • 6. Couturie Forest -

    If you want to go to a nature preserve then you will need to hit up Couturie Forest. This is a location that you are going to enjoy because it is a nature preserve and it does have some paths that allows you to get up close to see the animals and plants. 

  • 5. Palmer Park -

    Palmer is a very popular park for the locals and tourist as well. The park is only a little over 5 acres, but it does have a great playground, plenty of grass, and large shade trees to make it easier for you to enjoy the area.

  • 4. Louis Armstrong Park -

    The Louis Armstrong Park is a smaller type of park, but it is one that is very popular. In addition to having a nice area to go to, the park does play host to a lot of concerts. All of these concerts make it easier for you to have a great time because you can easily attend one and know you are going to have a great time. 

  • 3. Jackson Square -

    Jackson Square is the park that you are going to love because of all the different things you can see and the quietness of the park. When you are here you will notice one thing that is going to be seen here and that is the number of artist who are at the park. 

  • 2. Crescent Park -

    When you look at this park you will notice that it is very small and compact. However, what is nice is the fact this is a park that will allow you to enjoy quite a view of the river with the walking paths along the river, but also have a chance to see the stunning New Orleans skyline. 

  • 1. Audubon Park -

    Audubon Park is one of those that you are going to fall in love with because of the walking paths that are tree lined, but also the chance for your kids to play. Throw in the fact the popularity of the park and it is easy to see that this is a park that everyone in the family will find something to do. 

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