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Top 7 Parks - Napa Valley

Posted on 2 October 2017 by Mary

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Westwood Hills Park

Napa Valley is a beautiful region in California and thankfully we know how to showcase it. The main way is by having the vineyards, but also with the parks that are present as well. However, as a traveler you need to know which of the parks are the best one for you to go to and know if you are going to have a good time or not. Since that is the case, I have ranked the top 7 parks in Napa Valley.

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  • 7. Skyline Wilderness Park -

    Exploring the native plant garden is a great thing to do, but having a chance to see the same plants on the trails is something else. This is simply an amazing park and one that offers plenty of nature for you to see and explore.

  • 6. Robert Louis Stevenson State Park -

    Hiking is a great way to get around and when you are in Napa Valley and want to experience some rough terrain, then Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is the way to go. This is a park that has some amazing trails, but also has one that leads you right up to the top of Mount Saint Helena. 

  • 5. Bale Grist Mill Historic State Park -

    Do you want to experience a historic grist mill and know that it is simply amazing? If you do then you have to hit up Bale Grist Mill. This is a historic park, but it is also one that has some historical buildings for you to tour and see how things were done in the not so far past.

  • 4. Bothe-Napa Valley State Park -

    State Parks are amazing and definitely something that a lot of people are going to enjoy. However, what you will find amazing is the fact this is a park that offers camping, swimming in a seasonal pool, but also a close spot to get to the wineries. 

  • 3. Alston Park -

    Sitting on a majestic 157 acres you will find Alston Park. This is a park that has some amazing looks to it, but it also has meadows, a canyon, groves and a creek. Overall, this has to be one of the best parks for the family to go and experience a little bit of everything Napa Valley has to offer.

  • 2. Kennedy Park -

    Do you want to explore a modern city park? If you do then you will enjoy Kennedy Park, which has an amazing quite space for you to enjoy. At the same time they have plenty of fields for you to enjoy a sport as well, as long as no games are going on.

  • 1. Westwood Hills Park -

    The parks that are in Napa Valley are stunning and definitely something you are going to want to explore.The Westwood Hills Park is one that has miles of trails for you to enjoy, but also has an amazing nature museum for you to explore as well.

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