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Top 7 Parks In Cincinnati

Posted on 6 July 2016 by Kim

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Eden park Mirror Lake

Finding the best place to go and enjoy the day in Cincinnati can be a challenge. However, if you want to get outside and enjoy some of the parks you should know about the top 7 parks in Cincinnati. Then you can get outside while you are in the Queen City and get to see the city for its true beauty.

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  • 7. Sharon Woods -

    If you want to take a step back in time, then you will really enjoy Sharon Woods. This is part of the Hamilton County Park district, but it is definitely an area that you will enjoy immensely because it has older buildings in the location, but also a wonderful lake that you can enjoy.

  • 6. Mount Airy Forest -

    This is also part of the Hamilton County Park district, but it is a location that provides you with plenty of exploring and some great places. Not only that this is a location that a lot of people enjoy because they can hold weddings here.

  • 5. Burnet Woods -

    As far as parks go, this is one that is rather small and can seem cramped. However, it is close to several college campuses and hospitals. So if you have a loved one in the hospital, you will enjoy the fact that you can relax in the park and immerse yourself in the park to get away from the city sounds and stresses of family members in the hospital.

  • 4. Ault Park -

    Age can often be seen as a beautiful thing. So you will really enjoy the fact that Ault Park is a place that has a beautiful pavilion from the 1930s, but also has some beautiful flower beds for you to enjoy when you are in town as well.

  • 3. Eden Park -

    If you love lakes and looking out over the cityscape then you will love Eden Park. This park is famous for Mirror Lake, which is in the picture, but also for the beautiful views it provides of the city of Cincinnati and easy access to Khron's conservatory.

  • 2. Otto Armleder Dog Park -

    Normally you would not think about parks being restricted to dogs, but this is a place that is going to be just that. With the Otto Armleder you will find it is a dog park, but also a great place for everyone to go as well because they get to see dogs and even get to enjoy the beauty in the area.

  • 1. Smale Riverfront Park -

    Cincinnati is a river town and the Smale Riverfront Park captures that. The park is along the river, but it also has fountains, gardens, and walkways for you to enjoy with your family. What is even better is you can bring your kids with you and know they will be safe as they play on the top quality playgrounds.

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