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Top 7 Parks - Houston

Posted on 23 June 2017 by Rogers

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Firetruck Park

Houston is a beautiful city and it is one of those cities that has something for someone of every age. What is really nice is a lot of the gems that Houston have is hidden away in the form of parks. This is why we have decided it was time to rank the top 7 parks in Houston to make sure you have a great vacation and enjoyable time in Houston.

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  • 7. Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park -

    The Waterwall park is one of those unique places you will absolutely love in Houston. However, you will find the park is one that you are going to enjoy because it makes it easier for you to cool off and have a great location to go to.

  • 6. Millie Bush Dog Park -

    Going to a dog park is going to be one of the most exciting things you can do for your dog while you are traveling. When you get the chance to go to the dog park here you will have the chance for your dogs to have a good time and you can as well while your dogs are running around. 

  • 5. Judson Park -

    Sometimes the kids will want to have a playground to themselves for the bigger kids and the little kids. This is exactly what you will get at Judson Park. So your kids are going to love the park before they even reach it because they have their own playground. 

  • 4. Hermann Park -

    This is a park the adults are going to love because it will allow them to have a great time on the golf course, but also have a chance to tour the museum. The kids will love the kiddie museum that is inside of the park, but everyone will love the Japanese gardens. 

  • 3. Riveroaks Pumpkin Park -

    The Pumpkin Park is one of those that you are going to love because they have a great big pumpkin in the middle of the park. What else is great about the location is the fact it has quite a bit of playgrounds for the kids to enjoy. 

  • 2. Sam Houston Park -

    The Sam Houston Park is one that you will love because it has quite a bit for you to do. However, the Sam Houston Park also has some of the beautiful looks you would want as it also houses some of the historic buildings you would like to see. 

  • 1. Firetruck Park -

    This is a park that is located on the Southside of Houston, but it is one of those parks that is going to make it easier for you to know your kids will have a great time. The park is fenced and the equipment is maintained to levels you may have never seen before. We simply love the firetruck challenges in the park. 

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