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Top 7 Natural Attractions - Jamaica

Posted on 29 May 2017 by Sean

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Dunns River Falls

Jamaica has one huge attraction that is close by and that is the sea. However, it has plenty of other natural attractions you need to visit as well. This is when you should know more about these attractions to make sure you know about them and are able to enjoy them. Find the top 7 natural attractions in Jamaica here. 

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  • 7. Fern Gully -

    Now this is not the normal style of fern gully you would think of in the States. Instead, this is the type that will provide you with plenty of enjoyment because it is in paradise and is going to allow you to have a great vacation with plenty of things to see and do in the rainforest like setting.

  • 6. Irie Blue Hole -

    You have probably seen some of these beautiful swimming spots on the travel shows and thought you would never be able to get to them. However, at Irie Blue Hole you have a chance to not only go out and see the beautiful place, but enjoy it as well. 

  • 5. James Bond Beach -

    While you will not see a lot of spies here, you will be able to see some great water. The beach is in an almost hidden type of cove that will make your vacation great. The adventure you will have at the beach is one that you are never going to forget. 

  • 4. Green Grotto Caves -

    The green algae that covers the walls of this location is what gives it the name. What is great about this location is the fact that it makes it easier for you to have a beautiful trip and know the place will be a great adventure for everyone in the family. 

  • 3. Blue Mountains -

    The longest mountain chain in Jamaica is one of those that you are going to fall in love with. The Blue Mountains offers everything from exciting hiking ventures to beautiful scenes for you to enjoy. Overall, the Blue Mountains are an attraction you are sure to love. 

  • 2. Dolphin Cove Jamaica -

    Swimming with the dolphins is something that people are going to enjoy. At Dolphin Cove you will see the dolphins up close and this will make it easier for you to have a great trip because you can see the animals that you only see on shows. 

  • 1. Dunns River Falls -

    When you think of falls you may think of Niagara Falls. However, you cannot get into those falls without being killed. At Dunns River Falls you will see these are falls that are a major attraction because you can see the beauty that is present, but also have a chance to explore the falls as well. 

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