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Top 7 Natural Attractions - Maui

Posted on 18 May 2017 by Aaron

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West Maui Mountains

Maui is a beautiful part of Hawaii, but it is well known for its natural beauty. The problem is what part of the island should you go to and which of the natural attractions should you make it a point to go out and see? Well, it is easy now as we have ranked the top 7 natural attractions in Maui. 

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  • 7. Makahiku Falls -

    Nothing ever beats the chance to see a beautiful waterfall in a lush jungle paradise. This is a exactly what you get when you are visiting Makahiku Falls. This place makes it easier for you to see the 200 foot falls dropping gracefully down the stream and continuing on its path.

  • 6. Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Refuge -

    This is a beautiful area that has some of the most scenic spots for you to visit. The location has quite a bit in the way of natural water as well and since it is a refuge you can see the animals at ease without worry about the human interference. 

  • 5. Makena State Park -

    This is a beautiful location that is one of the bigger beaches on the area that is not finished. The beach has some stronger currents, but it is still a great place that you can enjoy for swimming and surfing. 

  • 4. Red Sand Beach -

    This beach is one of those that seems to be a hidden gem, but that is fine because it means you can have the beach to yourself quite a bit. This way you are able to have a great time at the beach, but also not have to worry about the larger crowds. 

  • 3. Iao Valley -

    This is a beautiful valley that has a major swatch of land in the middle of Maui. The location is simply very beautiful and definitely one that you are going to want to go because of the beauty and the lush green valleys you have available to look at and explore.

  • 2. Haleakala -

    Haleakala is the volcano that is on the Eastern side of the island and it actually makes up almost 75% of the island. This means you are going to have a wider range of exploration to do, but also know the area is very natural and attractive at the same time. 

  • 1. West Maui Mountains -

    This is one of those iconic volcano looking places you will love to see. The volcanoes have several different names, but the water around the region makes it a great one to travel to, but also makes it fun for snorkeling and getting everything else done that you need to. 

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