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Top 7 Museums - New York City

Posted on 10 May 2017 by Bridget

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American History of National Museum

 New York City is a place that has been called many things, but one aspect that has never went away is the seat of culture and learning that has been provided by the city. With that being the case, we have ranked the top 7 museums in New York City for you to explore. 

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  • 7. Jewish Museum @TheJewishMuseum -

    The Jewish culture may not be known for its art works, but it is definitely very much alive and thriving as the Jewish Museum points out. The place houses artworks from famous artist, but also serves as a gathering point for a large number of documents and other information. 

  • 6. Intrepid Museum @IntrepidMuseum -

    Ever wanted to see an aircraft carrier up close? If you have then you will love the fact this is a museum that showcases the USS Intrepid and all the fine men who served on board of her. A great tour and well worth going and seeing how the sailors lived on this living museum. 

  • 5. Metropolitan Museum of Art @metmuseum -

    Art work is something that is very enjoyable and easily going to be one of the main attractions in New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers a wide variety of art works from masterpieces to lesser known artists as well. All told the place has some beautiful works of art that are simply amazing. 

  • 4. The Frick Collection @frickcollection -

    This is a collection of artworks that were put together by Frick and is housed in the museum bearing his name. The collection has some of the famous works of art from the European artist and other famous artists that you are going to enjoy seeing their art pieces. 

  • 3. Museum of the City Of New York @MuseumofCityNY -

    Preserving the history of New York is a great thing, but when combined with the art it makes it even easier to have a great place to visit. This is a museum that is mainly meant for the preservation of the city history, but also get to explore some of the arts. 

  • 2. Solomon R Guggenheim Museum @Guggenheim -

    Have you ever wanted to tour a great art museum, but not have all the stresses of the ancient art deciphering? Then you will love the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum. It is a fantastic place that allows you to explore all types of art that are produced in ways you never imagined possible. 

  • 1. American Museum of Natural History @AMNH -

    This is a place that you are going to find as a great place to learn and get the best experience possible. So this is going to be a great place to visit and enjoy your day. Overall, the American Museum of Natural History is a fantastic place to go out and visit and spend the entire day learning. 

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