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Top 7 Museums - Hong Kong

Posted on 27 May 2017 by Thangh

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Hong Kong is a beautiful area, but it is also a crowded region as well. However, if you know where to go in Hong Kong you can have a great vacation and enjoy it more than what you imagine. You just have to know about the top 7 museums in Hong Kong to have a great vacation.

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  • 7. Hong Kong Maritime Museum @HKMaritimeMuseum -

    Covering the maritime history of Hong Kong is very important and for a lot of people it is one of those things that they want to know about. At the Hong Kong Maritime Museum you get a chance to see the beauty of the region and know it is going to allow you to see the importance and impact the sea has played on Hong Kong.

  • 6. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Museum @Dr-Sun-Yat-sen-Museum -

    Dr. Sun was a revolutionary who would put all of his efforts into leading the Chinese Republic and speaking about how China could not be separated. All of this works, efforts, and some of the other items that are associated with him are on display at his very important historical museum.

  • 5. Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense @Hong-Kong-Museum-of-Coastal-Defence -

    This is a museum that is located in an older coastal fort in Hong Kong. However, the museum is one that is going to highlight the best of the defenses from the torpedoes that were at the ready to the 10 inch guns that were used to protect Hong Kong. 

  • 4. Hong Kong Science Museum @Hong-Kong-Science-Museum -

    With over 500 interactive exhibits you are sure to find something that you can do at the Hong Kong Science Museum. The location has plenty for you to see and do, but also makes it easier for you to have a great time because you have so much to do.

  • 3. Hong Kong Museum of History @Hong-Kong-Museum-of-History -

    When you are at the Hong Kong Science Museum, you should stop in next door at the Hong Kong Museum of History. This location has plenty for you to see and do, but also is going to be a cornerstone for preserving the history and culture that is coming from Hong Kong. 

  • 2. Hong Kong Space Museum @hkspacem -

    When you are looking at space you know the stars are present, but do you know how to look at the stars? If not then you should visit the Hong Kong Space Museum that will make it easier for you to explore the galaxies, but also learn how to explore them at a deeper level than what you are used to seeing. 

  • 1. Hong Kong Railway Museum @Hong-Kong-Railway-Museum -

    You know that America was built on the railway, but Hong Kong is not a place you would think about being built with the rails. At this museum you can explore how much of an impact the railway had on the history of the country, but also get a chance to explore the trains and other items that were used on the rails. 

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