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Top 7 Microbreweries In Louisville

Posted on 11 February 2017 by Todd

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The microbrewery trend has not stopped and it is definitely present in the Louisville scene with the city having quite a few microbreweries. At Top 7 Travel we do not want you to waste time looking for the best microbrewery in Louisville, so we have decided to help you out by ranking the Top 7 Microbreweries in Louisville. 

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  • 7. Akasha Brewing Company @AkashaBrewingCo -

    Sitting down to enjoy a unique brew in any weather is a good thing. That is what you get at Akasha, but the main drink that you would want to sit down to enjoy is the fantastic Wheat Ale with Rye. 

  • 6. Apocalypse Brew Works @ApocalypseBrews -

    Finding a great drink in the apocalypse, end of the world, can be hard. Apocalypse Brew Works definitely makes it very easy though to find a great brew. Our personal favorite is the Hurricane Hefe. This brew has some great taste with a clove subtlety come through. 

  • 5. Four Pegs @fourpegsbeer -

    Four Pegs is a place that we love in Louisville and try to stop in each time we visit. When we are here, we really look forward to getting the Beer Burger. This burger has a great craft beer sauce that is a sauce that we have only found here at Four Pegs. 

  • 4. Bluegrass Brewing Company 3rd & Main @arenabbc -

    This location of Bluegrass Brewing Company is located at 3rd and Main. The location has quite a wide selection of beer and great food. Our favorite beer that is found at this location is Raspberry Meade. This mead is completely different than most that we have tasted, but it provides you with a party like atmosphere each time. 

  • 3. Bluegrass Brewing Company Saint Matthews @bbc_stmatthews -

    Bluegrass Brewing Company has two locations that made our list. This location is in Saint Matthews, but what is great is the ease of access to the location. However, when you throw in the great beers that are present. Our favorite at the Saint Matthews location is the Bourbon Barrel Stout, which has a great flavor that you will want to drink time and time again. 

  • 2. Against The Grain Brewery & Smokehouse @AtGBrewery -

    Located close to the Louisville Slugger Field is great for business. Which is exactly why Against the Grain makes a great stop. The location is well known for having the nations only Victorian style showpiece 3 story brewhouse. 

  • 1. Monnik Beer Louisville @monnikbeer -

    Monnik is fairly new, but it has definitely made a splash in the Louisville region. Monnik is a place with a great menu and excellent brews that are available. Our favorite dish they have is the Bier Burger, which is a great option for the beer lover who likes it used in their cooking.

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