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Top 7 Microbreweries - Boston

Posted on 10 June 2017 by Kim

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Cambridge Brewing Company

Boston is a great brewing town and one that has quite a bit of brewing tradition. One aspect that Boston has had going for it recently is the upswing in microbreweries that are available for people to go to. With that being the case we have decided it was time to rank the top 7 microbreweries in Boston. 

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  • 7. Rock Bottom @RockBottomRestaurant -

    Rock Bottom is more of a chain of breweries, but it is a place that does brew in house and this is going to provide you with some of the fresh beer you want to drink. The beer that we really love from this location is called the Kolsch

  • 6. Night Shift Brewing @NightShiftBeer -

    Night Shift Brewing is a great place for you to come together with family and friends or go and make some new friends. The location has plenty of communal tables and this allows for some great fellowship to happen all over the beers. Our favorite beer from Night Shift is The 87, which is an American Double IPA.

  • 5. Dorchester Brewing Company @DorchesterBrewingCompany -

    This is a company that we really like because they do their own brews, but also because of the fantastic food they have available as well. Not to mention they have some facilities they allow craft brewers to use as well. 

  • 4. Boston Beer Works @boston.beerworks.1 -

    Boston Beer Works is a place that you are going to love because it has a lot of different brews to offer and plenty for you to select from each day. What is even better is the place has several locations for you to pick from, including Fenway Park. Our personal favorite item comes from the food menu and it is the Cheddar Bacon Bits.

  • 3. Trillium Brewing Company @trilliumbrewing -

    Trillium is a place we have fallen in love with. The place has some great drinks and it has them in stores as well, all over the city, making it easier for you to find these brews. Our personal favorite beer is the Sunshower that is a dry hopped, but also has a hint of amarillo. 

  • 2. Harpoon Brewery @TheHarpoonBrewery -

    Harpoon is a great place that you can go and have a good time at the beer hall. However, you will also need to make sure you know about the great atmosphere as well along with the brews. Our favorite brew from Harpoon is the India Pale Ale that has a great taste to it with a perfect balance of hoppiness. 

  • 1. Cambridge Brewing Company @CambridgeBrewing -

    If you want to have some great beer and food then you cannot go wrong with the Cambridge Brewing Company. This is a location that even has a relaxed atmosphere that makes it easy for everyone to enjoy a drink. What is even better is the great food with our personal favorite being the daily catch seafood special. 

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