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Top 7 Mexican Restaurants - Miami

Posted on 10 November 2017 by Sandy

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Mi Rinconcito

The Mexican cuisine is one that has a wide range of menu options for people of all sorts of taste. However, one aspect that you are going to enjoy is the fact this is a great way to enjoy some good food without having to much in the way of a heavy meal to keep you off the beaches. To help you out, I have went out and ranked the top 7 Mexican restaurants in Miami. 

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  • 7. Tequiztlan Mexican Restaurant @Tequiztlan -

    If you want to eat at a place that has good food and a lively hip atmosphere then you will like Tequiztlan. This place has something for everyone and the drinks are amazing. What we really love from here is the tacos that are great. 

  • 6. Talavera Cocina Mexicana @Talavera-Cocina-Mexicana -

    If you want to have some great food you will like Talavera. This is a place that you are going to enjoy because it has some great food and an upscale type of Mexican atmosphere. 

  • 5. Naked Taco @ntacomiami -

    This is a great location that has some great food that is in a traditional setting for the tacos and other great Mexican food you can enjoy. The dish that I really love from Naked Taco, when paired with the right beer, is the beef tacos that are out of this world. 

  • 4. Huahua's Taqueria @HuaHuasTaco -

    This is a great chain that has some great menu options that have been coming out of the innovative mind of the head chef. What is amazing here is the fact the taco salad has been one of the best meals we have ever had. 

  • 3. La Lupita @ -

    The traditional cuisine you get from La Lupita is going to be a great amount of food, but it is going to be in a place that has a decent atmosphere as well. We really love the traditional Mexican style food.

  • 2. Coyo Taco @coyotacowynwood -

    Mexican street food is definitely something that you are going to love because it has the best food around, but it also has some amazing treats as well. What you will really love from here is the Tacos al pastor.

  • 1. Mi Rinconcito Mexicano @Mi-Rinconcito-Mexicano -

    The location is very nice and the setting is decent as well. However, what you will really love from here is the fact it allows you to have some of the older school style Mexican food you may have grown up on and enjoyed eating. We personally love the tacos that are out of this world good.

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