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Top 7 Luxury Hotels - Philadelphia

Posted on 11 May 2017 by Carrie

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Philadelphia is a very cool city and it is a place that has some very unique places to stay. The difficult part comes from picking out which of the hotels you should be staying in. With that being the case, it is time to rank the top 7 hotels in Philadelphia.

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  • 7. Rittenhouse 1715 @Rittenhouse1715 -

    Rittenhouse 1715 is a location that has some of the best comforts for you to enjoy for a boutique hotel. The hotel has a great feel to it, but also easy access to all of the shopping that you will want to go out and enjoy while you are in Philadelphia.

  • 6. Kimpton Hotel Monaco @Kimpton -

    The stellar comfort present here is going to be a great place that you are going to love as it stands with the Kimpton standard. The cool ambience makes it easier for people to have a great trip that you are going to love. Throw in the fact this is on the historic mile it will be easier for you to have a great trip to Philly. 

  • 5. Hyatt at the Bellevue @BellevuePhilly -

    Hyatt is a great place you can really love because it is a Hyatt property, but also because it has some of the top rated rooms in the region. Comfort abounds in the Hyatt and this is a great location that makes it easier for you to have a place that you are going to love because of the comfort and history. 

  • 4. Le Meridien @LeMeridien -

    Le Meridien is a hotel that people are going to love because of how great it looks, but also the comfort that people like to have available. The Le Meridien is a place that has some luxury you are going to love and enjoy. The place has plenty of luxury and easy access to all areas of Philadelphia.

  • 3. The Franklin Hotel at Indpendence Park @OmniPhila -

    Located just steps away from the main attractions in Philadelphia is the Franklin Hotel. This is a hotel that is part of the Marriott properties and it is going to be a great place for you to go and stay in for easy access, but also classy relaxation. 

  • 2. Ritz Carlton @ritzcarlton -

    The Ritz Carlton is a beautiful place that you can have a great extended stay in. The location has multiple suites for you to select from and one of them even includes the access to the 30th floor that allows you to have stunning views of the city of Philadelphia. 

  • 1. Rittenhouse @TheRittenhouse -

    When you look at the Rittenhouse you will see it simply screams luxury as the place has some of the best luxury around. The spa is great and the location in Philly is simply stunning as you are going to find the best place to stay without finding the headaches that are present in some of the places. 

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