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Top 7 Los Angeles - Parks

Posted on 19 June 2017 by Jose

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Grand Park

Los Angeles is a city that is filled with all the Hollywood glitz and glam. However, something else the city is known for is the beautiful parks that are present. How can you decide which of the parks you should visit? Well, we have taken time to rank the top 7 parks in Los Angeles. 

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  • 7. Grand Hope Hope Park -

    Grand Hope is a beautiful park that you are sure to enjoy because it is in the urban setting area. The park has some great grassy areas and a fantastic playground for the kids to enjoy. 

  • 6. Vista Hermosa Natural Park -

    Are you trying to find a great place to visit that has plenty of playgrounds, waterfalls, and want to walk on some trails to grassy meadow filled picnic areas then you will love Vista Hermosa. This is a beautiful park that has stunning views and great picnic areas overlooking the city. 

  • 5. Griffith Park -

    This is a park you may have read about as well because it has so much history and features going for it. Griffith Park offers you plenty to do as well from the Los Angeles Zoo to the beautiful and stunning Greek theater. 

  • 4. Exposition Park Rose Garden -

    With the gazebo providing the romantic backdrop the Rose Garden is one of those places you will find as being very nice for couples. What is even better is all the roses that are around the park as well allowing you to take some time to stop and smell the roses. 

  • 3. Los Angeles State Historic Park -

    The State Historic Park in Los Angele is one that you are sure to fall in love with. The park has plenty of history of the state, but also makes it easier for you to enjoy the region as well because of the walkways and even the great views of downtown Los Angeles.

  • 2. Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area -

    When you want to explore the parks in Los Angeles you need to consider the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area. This place has everything you would want on its 308 acre plot. The location even has a Japanese Garden you can enjoy as well. 

  • 1. Grand Park LA -

    The Grand Park is one that you will really like because of all that it offers for you to see and do. The park has plenty of walking paths, but also has some of the stunning memorial fountains that you can enjoy as well. Easily the top park in Los Angeles. 

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