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Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions - Seattle

Posted on 16 June 2017 by Erica

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Seattle Great Wheel

Traveling to Seattle is always an amazing trip. However, if you are going with your kids, make sure you know about the best attractions to take your kids to.  Then you will have a chance to make the trip a unique family experience. Discover these top 7 kid friendly attractions in Seattle. 

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  • 7. Seattle Aquarium @Aquarium.Seattle -

    What is almost as good as a zoo? An aquarium and that is exactly what the kids are going to love in Seattle. The Seattle Aquarium is a place that has plenty of fish for people to enjoy watching swim around and even the chance of seeing fish they may have never seen before. 

  • 6. Pacific Science Center @PacSci -

    The Pacific Science Center is a place stocked full of discovery that he kids are going to absolutely love. The place has plenty of hands on exhibits and things for the kids to do. The downside is if your kids are under the age of five or so they are going to find some of the place to be very boring. 

  • 5. Elliot Bay Book Company @elliottbaybookcompany -

    Book stores may have been a huge deal in the past and fell out of favor with the advent of Amazon and tablets. However, when you are looking in Seattle you will find the Elliot Bay Book Company is a great place to go and find a great adventure, but the kids will love the castle and the play area. 

  • 4. South Lake Union @sluguide -

    South Lake Union is a place that you and your kids will fall in love with. The place has plenty of things for you to do and with all the little bit of pop up art it is going to be a place everyone is going to love going to. 

  • 3. Woodland Park Zoo @WoodlandParkZooSeattle -

    Face it the kids are going to love the fact they are able to explore all the animals of the world at a zoo. No matter what city you are in the kids love the zoos. This is definitely one of the best zoos to go and explore and see a lot of new animals in a kid friendly environment. 

  • 2. Pike Place Market @PublicMarketCenter -

    Pike Place Market is the birthplace of Starbucks coffee, but it is also a stunning market that everyone in the family will love. The location offers something for everyone and even makes it easier for everyone in the family to find something as a memento to bring home. 

  • 1. Seattle Great Wheel @Seattle-Great-Wheel -

    The Great Wheel will allow you to have a unique perspective of the city and a great ride for kids and adults of all ages. The ride is even great for toddlers who will enjoy taking the next step up from the small fair ride to a larger version with better views. 

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