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Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions - Houston

Posted on 11 November 2017 by Rogers

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Houston Zoo

Traveling with your kids is the only real way to travel as a family. However, some cities are geared more to kids or they have kid friendly attractions. This is why I have decided it was time to review the the top 7 kid friendly attractions in Houston to ensure you have a great vacation as a family.

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  • 7. Houston Museum of Natural Science @Natural.Science -

    One word, dinosaurs. That is what you are going to see, some of the time at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. In fact, I do not know many kids that do not like seeing these creatures from the past come to life before their eyes. A great attraction for everyone in the family. 

  • 6. Brazos Bend State Park @Brazos-Bend-State-Park-Texas-Parks-and-Wildlife -

    Brazos Bend is a state park that has over 4500 acres inside of its limits. However, what is really amazing about this park is the fact that it has so much in the way of natural beauty your kids are sure to love. A great idea is to get a nature guide for the area and develop a checklist to mark off animals you have seen in the park! 

  • 5. Kemah Boardwalk @KemahBoardwalk -

    Just like the North Pier in Chicago you will find Kemah Boardwalk. This is a great location for the family to take a stroll down, but also to have a chance to enjoy the beauty that is Houston. Not to mention the Ferris wheel ride is amazing. It is important to note this is located in Kemah, Texas which is not far from downtown Houston at all.

  • 4. Children's Museum of Houston @cmhouston -

    A good stand by to take your kids to is the children's museum of the city you are visiting. The location in Houston is no different as it has some great attractions for the kids, but also some great things for your kids to see and do.

  • 3. Space Center Houston @SpaceCenterHouston -

    Learning about space is amazing and will make a kid out of anyone of any age. What is amazing is this is a place that will make it easier for you to have a great time because not only will the kids be entertained, but they will also be learning 

  • 2. Downtown Aquarium @AquariumHouston -

    Kids have a tendency to love watching fish swim around. However, what you will really like is the fact this aquarium is amazing because it has a large selection of fish that will keep your kids interesting.

  • 1. Houston Zoo @houstonzoo -

    The Houston Zoo is a great attraction and has plenty for the adults and the kids both to enjoy. The Houston Zoo is a great place that you are going to have plenty to see and do with the kids, but also a great place to enjoy a fantastic journey around Houston.

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