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Top 7 Italian Restaurants - Portland

Posted on 5 October 2017 by Nate

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Italian food is one of those go to comfort foods for me. I know that it may sound odd since Portland is not known for having a good Italian history like New York, but i simply love Italian food. With this being the case I have decided to share the top 7 Italian restaurants in Portland with you.

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  • 7. Renata @renatapdx -

    Renata is a very nice place with the vaulted ceilings and excellent wall decor to match the ceilings. The place is a little bit on the upscale side, but so is the food. The food you have to try from Renata is the seared salmon.

  • 6. DeNicola's Italian @DeNicolasItalian -

    DeNicola's is a Portland landmark and has been around since 1978. The place has some great food and amazing atmosphere for the location. We really love the pizza that they have and nothing is better than a simple cheese pizza.

  • 5. Grassa @Grassa -

    With the communal tables, it is time to get to know people. However, the industrial setting is great as well and really fits into the place. What we love is the spaghetti pomodoro. 

  • 4. Pazzo Ristorante @Pazzo.Portland -

    No matter what you are in the mood for in the way of Italian food you will find it at Pazzo. The place has some amazing foods after the Northern Italian style and it definitely shows. What is amazing is the way the pizzas are made here and the taste profile is astounding.

  • 3. Ava Genes @Ava-Genes -

    Upscale eating at its finest is something you will notice with Ava Genes. What you will notice next is the great family style option for Italian food here. 

  • 2. A Cena Ristorante @aCenaRistorante -

    When you go here you will find the atmosphere is a type of upscale causal mix, but the food is far from that. The fare is the traditional Italian with house made pastas. One of the best dishes is the butter poached Maine Lobster. 

  • 1. Gilda's Italian Restaurant @Gildas-Italian-Restaurant-Lounge -

    With the beautiful mural adorned location you will find some great Italian food. Gilda's is an amazing place that has a lounge type of feel to it. One of the dishes that I ogle over is the prosciutto wrapped dates.

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