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Top 7 Italian Restaurants - Miami

Posted on 7 August 2017 by Sandy

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Bianca Restaurant

Italian food is one type of food that has a tendency to satisfy all the needs that people are going to want to eat. However, when you are traveling it is very difficult to find the best Italian restaurant to go out and eat at. This is why we have finally went out and ranked the top 7 Italian restaurants in Miami for you to enjoy. 

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  • 7. Casa D'Angelo @CasaDAngelo -

    Take a step into an Italian family kitchen and you will get a lot of companionship and fantastic food. That is what you get from Casa D'Angelo and it is the food you will not mind eating. The best food you can get from Casa D'Angelo is the lasagna that is simply amazing.

  • 6. Il Gabbiano @ilgabbianorestaurantmiami -

    Il Gabbiano has made numerous list as one of the best Italian restaurants in Miami and it is very easy to see why! The downside is this is a classy location and that may mean having to find some nice clothes while on vacation. The dish you will fall in love with is going to be the filetto farcita. 

  • 5. Valentino Cucina Italiano @ValentinoCucinaItaliana -

    In a setting that has a variety of options for seating you will find Valentino. This is a great place for you to go and visit because this has so much in the way of food and fantastic, but laid back dining options. The best part is the food that you can get is really good because of the options it is very hard for us to narrow down just a single dish we love.

  • 4. Sylvano @sylvanosrestaurant -

    Going to a locals hangout may be a good thing because they tend to know where the food is good, but the prices are reasonable. This is a place you are going to love because of the pricing and great tasting food. The dish that we really love from here is the Insalata Parma.

  • 3. Cibo Wine Bar @CiboSouthBeach -

    Cibo Wine Bar is a great place is South Beach that you are going to fall in love with. This place has almost everything that you would want to have in the way of food, but also in the amount of food you are able to get. The best food you can get from here is the wood fired pizzas that are amazing for Miami.

  • 2. Salumeria @SalumeriaMiami -

    Sometimes you will find the Italian restaurants love to take you to the cleaners for a small amount of food. However, when you are eating at Salumeria you will find this is not the case. In fact, you will notice the type of food you get here for the most part is lower in price, but taste even better than higher end restaurants. Our favorite dish is the Cavatelli with the ricotta. 

  • 1. Bianca's Italian Restaurant @biancasobe -

    Bianca's is a place that has a nice atmosphere, but even better is inside of the Delano Hotel, which is going to make it easier for you to have a good time and know that you are going to have a great place to stay as well after you fill yourself up with the fine comfort foods from the Italian menu. The menu dish we love the most is the Pollo Al Mattone. 

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