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Top 7 Italian Restaurants In Seattle

Posted on 26 January 2017 by Miguel

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Spinasse Seattle

Seattle is not normally known for being a stop for Italian food, but we have done some digging at Top 7 Travel and found that Seattle has plenty of Italian food to enjoy. We decided it was time to pay Seattle some respect by rating the Top 7 Italian restaurants in Seattle. 

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  • 7. Serafina @SerafinaOsteria -

    Fresh ingredients, perfectly cooked, and great value the perfect trifecta to round out our Top 7 Italian restaurants in Seattle. Love the Cozze which has the perfect blend of seasoning on the mussels that you are going to want to try out. Our other Serafina favorite is the English pea risotto.

  • 6. Perche No Pasta & Vino @PercheNoSeattle -

    Something for everyone in the family including a gluten free menu. Fresh ingredients make everything amazing but our Perche favorite is the Ravioli Portobello Al Pomodoro.

  • 5. How To Cook A Wolf @howtocookwolf -

    How To Cook A Wolf is one of those places that you can get lost in the menu options. Rustin and simple Italian food served in the small plate style. Our favorite dish here is the special twist they have on their spaghetti, which has mint and anchovy inside of it.

  • 4. Pomodoro Italiano @pomodoroSeattle -

    Unique Spanish and Italian twist. Our favorite dish is a twist on the Manicotti. The Manicotti al Forno that has a unique combination of of ricotta cheese, spinach, walnuts and spices.

  • 3. IL Corvo @ilcorvopasta -

    Everyday it's something special at IL Corvo Pasta - check their social media pages or website to see what is special for the daily selection. Either way the fresh selection menu is very unique from rest of the Seattle Italian scene.

  • 2. Tavolata Belltown @Tavolata -

    Nothing like fresh pasta made daily - all the classic Italian dishes that show why Tavolata has been Seattle favorite for a decade. Must try the Salumi Board - a blend of several different meats including their amazing Porchetta. Just missed top spot, must try when in Seattle

  • 1. Spinasse @Spinasse -

    Favorite Italian restaurant in Seattle - makes you think your in Italy. Executive Chef Stuart Lane featured dish is none other than the world famous Tajarin at Ragu. Amazing handmade pasta with a perfect balance of sauce made from both pork and meat sauce. One of the best Italian restaurants in United States.

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