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Top 7 Italian Restaurants In New York City

Posted on 8 February 2018 by Bridget

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Pisillo Italian

When you are in New York City you should realize that all the food that is available comes from all over the globe. However, what you should look for is the Italian food that is in New York City because it is out of this world good. For me, it is hard to find the best Italian restaurants in New York, which is why I went out and ranked the top 7 Italian restaurants in New York City.

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  • 7. Carmine's @carminestsq -

    Carmine's is a great place that has some fantastic Italian  dishes. The one that I love the most from here is the chicken parm that is so tasty, I try to get a second one to bring home. 

  • 6. Il Corso @Il-Corso -

    This is a great place that you can enjoy some fantastic food from. but it is also going to be a place that has some good atmosphere as well. What we love from here is the homemade pasta, but if you start the meal off right I recommend the buffalo mozzarella.

  • 5. Marea @MareaNYC -

    The restaurant is a higher end Italian seafood place that has been open for almost 10 years. The place has some great food and amazing atmosphere. I love the way they prepare the lobster here. 

  • 4. Patsy's Italian Restaurant @patsysitalianrestaurant -

    If you want to eat at a trendy, but upscale location then you have to check out Patsy's Italian Restaurant. This place has a great atmosphere and it has some good food to. I personally love the manicotti. 

  • 3. Del Posto @DelPosto -

    Del Posto is a great location that has a wide variety of options when it comes to food and even has vegetarian options as well. What is great is the veal chop you can find from at this location.

  • 2. Piccola Cucina @piccolacucinany -

    From the homemade meatballs to the amazing dishes you are going to find the Piccola Cucina to be a great location to go out and eat at. The food is simply amazing and I have to admit I love the homemade meatballs. 

  • 1. Pisillo Italian Panini @Pisillo-Italian-Panini -

    You may be critical that we have found some of the best Italian restaurants and rank an Italian sandwich shop as the best around. However, this place is simply amazing and most of the food is imported from Italy. We personally love the Culatello Di Zebello.

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