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Top 7 Italian Restaurants - Boston

Posted on 10 July 2017 by Kim

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Bovas Bakery

Eating out is something you need to do when you are traveling. The problem is you often find some of the larger cities have so many restaurants to eat from it is impossible to find the best place to eat. This is very true in Boston when looking for Italian food. With that being said, we have decided it was time to rank the top 7 Italian restaurants in Boston.

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  • 7. Beneventos @BeneventosBoston -

    Beneventos is a great Italian restaurant that has some affordably priced food for you to enjoy. Not to mention the atmosphere of the location is great and often provides you with the great atmosphere you would expect with classy Italian food. Our favorite dish from Beneventos is the Parmigiana. 

  • 6. The Daily Catch @TheDailyCatch -

    The Daily Catch is a place that you are going to fall in love with if you like seafood and enjoy seafood made in the Italian style. This restaurant has everything you could ever want from the great tasting foods to the fantastic treats you are going to want to eat. Our personal favorite dish from The Daily Catch is the Calamari Platter. 

  • 5. Panza @PanzaBoston -

    Panza is an Italian restaurant that follows the traditional Italian cooking and eating style. What you will really like about Panza is the great atmosphere of the place. The dis we love is the Veal Marsala. 

  • 4. Teatro Boston @teatrorestaurantboston -

    Teatro is a great location that has some of the best food and atmosphere as well. The atmosphere is a little bit on the lower light side, which allows you to have a great look and feel. What is even better is the care the wait staff gives to your time requirements. Our favorite dish from the restaurant is the Orecchiette which is an amazing flavor filled meal. 

  • 3. Mamma Maria @Mammamaria -

    Mamma Maria is a place that you will love to eat at because it has some of the best crafted Italian food in the city. The atmosphere is also great at Mamma Maria as the place has great places as well. Our favorite menu item is the Lamb Gnocchi. 

  • 2. Sorellina @sorellinaboston -

    Sorellina is a fine dining Italian establishment you are going to love for the great food and fantastic atmosphere. You may even feel like you are at a restaurant in Italy. What you are going to like from Sorellina is our favorite dish is the Fazzoletti. 

  • 1. Bova's Bakery @BovasBakery -

    You may be asking yourself how did a bakery take first place? Well, that is very easy to answer in the fact this is an Italian style bakery that has some of the best Italian style baked goods possible. When you are at Bova, you should make sure to try the Calzone which is simply amazing and definitely an Italian dish we love. 

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