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Top 7 Indian Restaurants - Portland

Posted on 30 October 2017 by Nate

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Dwarka Indian Cuisine

Sometimes when you travel part of the experience is trying new foods. This is very true when you look at a place like Portland that has so many wonderful restaurants to try out. This is very true when I am looking at Indian cuisine. Since this is the case, I have decided to rank the top 7 Indian restaurants in Portland.

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  • 7. The Sudra @sudraforever -

    The Sudra has some very comfortable seating arrangements that everyone loves, but also has some great food as well. The restaurant has some great atmosphere as well to enjoy. I really love the roast eggplant salad.

  • 6. Gandhi Indian Restaurant @GandhiPDX -

    What is great about Gandhi Indian is the place is more of a lunch stand. This makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the great food you want,but also know you will not be waiting all day to get the food. I personally love the vindaloo.

  • 5. New Taste of India @New-Taste-of-India -

    Serving a lot of the traditional drinks and food you will find New Taste of India. The place has some great decor and the drinks are amazing. What I really love from New Taste of India is really hard to narrow down because the dishes are so flavorful it is amazing.

  • 4. Bombay Chaat House @bombaychaathouse -

    If you are looking for some comfort foods from India, then you have to hit up the Bombay Chaat House. This place is amazing and the complimentary Chai Tea you cannot pass up. The Basmati Rice is simply delish from here

  • 3. Bollywood Theater @bollywoodtheaterpdx -

    Bollywood Theater is a very causal space and definitely one that tops our list for street foods in the Indian style. The food is not that bad either for it being considered street food. We personally love the Mango Lassi.

  • 2. Swagat Indian Cuisine @Swagat-Indian-Cuisine -

    The space at Swagat is very stylish and definitely a place you will enjoy for the trendy setting. The food is good as well, which really makes Swagat a great option for Indian food. The dish we love is the Lamb Samosa.

  • 1. Dwarka Indian Cuisine @Dwaraka-Indian-Cuisine -

    The Dwarka Indian Cuisine is a great place with a laid back atmosphere that also has a touch of class to it. The food is authentic Indian and even has the vegan or vegetarian options as well. What I really love about the place is the tandoori chicken.

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