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Top 7 Hotels - New Orleans

Posted on 5 September 2017 by Larry

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Ritz Carlton New Orleans

Staying in New Orleans is very exciting for a variety of reasons, but definitely during Mardi Gras because of the parties. However, which hotel should you be staying at and which one should you be avoiding? Well, we have made that easier by ranking the top 7 hotels in New Orleans for you to enjoy. 

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  • 7. Hotel Monteleone @Hotel-Monteleone-New-Orleans -

    Hotel Monteleone is a great hotel and one that you will enjoy, but the bar is the main attraction that you will enjoy here. The location is in the French Quarter, which is a great place to go and enjoy the beauty of New Orleans. 

  • 6. Le Pavillon @Le-Pavillon-Hotel -

    A historic gem is what you get at Le Pavillon. This is a hotel that has managed to hang onto a lot of the arts and antiques that let you know this is a French rooted hotel. Very comfortable and a great place to stay and have easy access to the downtown area. 

  • 5. Omni Royal Crescent Hotel @Omni-Royal-Crescent-Hotel -

    Located just a few blocks from the main attractions in New Orleans is the Omni Royal. It is a place that has managed to have some great looks to it, but also a fantastic atmosphere as well. The place is amazing and the rooms are comfortable as well. 

  • 4. Bienville House Hotel @BienvilleHouse -

    The Bienville House Hotel is one that is a classic in the French Quarter. The beautiful building and the fantastic balconies are a great attraction. What is even better is the chance to sit on the balcony and just look down at the street below you.

  • 3. International House Hotel @ihhotel -

    The International House hotel is a great boutique hotel that you are going to love. What is great about the place is the chic style that is going to look great, but also leave you wanting to stay in the location as well because it has the classic feel to it, but also a chic feel as well.

  • 2. W Hotel @W-Hotel-Poydras-Street -

    The W Hotel is a place that you are going to love if you want to have a nice stay in the French Quarter. This place is very attractive and has some great service to go along with the beauty of the place. Throw in the modern looking and easy access to the French Quarter and you have a place you will love.

  • 1. The Ritz Carlton @RitzCarltonNewOrleans -

    The Ritz as a lot of people know is one of the best hotels that you can stay at anywhere in the world. However, what some people tend to overlook is the gem they have in New Orleans. The hotel has a spa, rooms that are stunning, and suites that would make you think you are in a mansion.

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