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Top 7 Hotels - Washington D.C.

Posted on 4 August 2017 by Adam

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The Graham Georgetown

Traveling often means staying in a hotel. However, if can be difficult to find a hotel to stay in at times because each hotel claims to be the best one in town, but they all claim to be the best ones, so which one is the best one for you to travel to? Well, you can rest easier because we have ranked the top 7 hotels in Washington D.C.

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  • 7. Loews Madison @LoewsMadisonDC -

    The Loews Madison is a place that is fit for a president, but meant for the every day travelers. This is a place that has had every president stay in it at least once since JFK. However, you can still get the same white glove service even if you are not a president and just want to relax on your vacation. 

  • 6. The Melrose Georgetown @TheMelroseHotel -

    If you want to get to a place that is very trendy and not going to be following what is often considered the norm in the DC area, then you have to stay at The Melrose Georgetown. This is a hotel that is simply going to blow your mind, but also provide you with the flash of colors in what is an uptight type of area. 

  • 5. Hotel Rogue @HotelRouge -

    Traveling with your kids to the nations capital is a great way for them to see the workings of the government. However, what is nice about this place is it is geared towards kids and this makes it easier for the kids to have a great trip because the rooms are themed and can make them comfortable.

  • 4. Avenue Suites @AvenueSuitesDC -

    Avenue Suites is a place you are going to enjoy because it has some amazing comforts that you can fall in love with. However, what else is nice is the recent updates that have been completed to the location in 2012. So you have some great modern looks to the place and that can make a difference if you want the modern comforts. 

  • 3. The Normandy @NormandyHotel -

    The Normandy is a very nice place that is considered more along the boutique line of hotels. However, unlike a lot of the boutique hotels it is going to be easy for you to have a great trip here because you have a chance to enjoy the trip with the relaxing atmosphere in the hotel. 

  • 2. Omni Shoreham @Omni-Shoreham-Hotel -

    If you want to have a great place you can take the family to, then you cannot go wrong with the Omin Shoreham. This is a hotel that has an amazing pool and plenty of ground outside to enjoy. Throw in the location is close to the zoo and you have a place that is fantastic for the entire family. 

  • 1. The Graham Georgetown @grahamgeorgetown -

    The Graham in Georgetown is a place that is very affordable compared to a lot of D.C. hotels, but it also has the charm you would expect to see in a D.C. hotel. So this is definitely a place that you will enjoy and want to go to time and time again because of the charm, but also the comforts. 

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