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Top 7 Hotels For Business Travelers In New Orleans

Posted on 18 February 2017 by Larry

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The Ritz Carlton

Traveling is something you would like to do as a family all the time. However, their are times that you will need to travel for business. When that is the case, you should know more about some of the best hotels to stay at while traveling. We have decided to rank the Top 7 Hotels For Business Travelers in New Orleans. 

If you want to explore more of New Orleans, outside of work, find out the best advice at our New Orleans travel page. 

  • 7. Hotel Provincial @hotelprovincial -

    The Hotel Provincial is a great business location for travelers who do not want to be bothered by the crowds. With that being the case, the Hotel Provincial has a pool, Internet, and some beautifully completed landscaping that you can sit down and relax with. 

  • 6. Drury Inn & Suites @Druryhotels -

    The Drury Inn is a place that has made a comeback. The location has free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and a hot tub that makes it easier to relax after a hard day at work. All of this with the on site bar and it is easy to see why the Drury will make your next business trip one of the best places to stay while in New Orleans. 

  • 5. Hyatt Regency @HyattNewOrleans -

    The Hyatt Regency is a place business travelers are going to love. The Hyatt has plenty of options for the business traveler from meeting rooms spaces that can be rented to the Internet. All of this combined with the location, that is very close to the major features of the city makes this a great location to stay at. 

  • 4. Royal Saint Charles @Royal_StCharles -

    Size is not a major issue when you are traveling for business, so a smaller hotel may suffice. With the Royal Saint Charles, you are going to get the best trip to a great hotel possible. However, with the free Wi-Fi and the laid back cafe it is easy for you to get your work done and not have to be bothered by everyone else in the major hotels.

  • 3. Bourbon Orleans Hotel @bourbonorleans -

    The Bourbon Orleans is a place that you are going to fall in love with as a business traveler. However, what you need to realize is the Bourbon Orleans is located in the trendy French Quarter, but close to all the major businesses. The free Wi-Fi will make it easier for you to stay connected with your customers and process your orders. 

  • 2. The Whitney Hotel @thewhitneyhotel -

    The Whitney Hotel is a great place that is located in a converted bank in the downtown district of New Orleans. The location is within easy distance to any of the businesses downtown. The Whitney also makes it easier for you to get connected as the location does off free Wi-Fi for your business trips. 

  • 1. The Ritz Carlton New Orleans @ritzcarlton -

    The Ritz Carlton is a place business travelers are going to love. The location of the Ritz is within a short distance of all the major locations people would need to go while on business. Throw in the great on site restaurant for easy access to food and it will be a great place for you to stay at. 

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