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Top 7 Hotels For Business Travelers - Chicago

Posted on 4 May 2017 by Pam

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Acme Hotel

Chicago is a great business city and with that being said it tends to have quite a few hotels that cater to business travelers. However, which one of the hotels should you pick for your business trips? Well, it will be very easy to do now as we have ranked the top 7 business hotels in Chicago for you to enjoy. 

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  • 7. Fairmount Chicago @fairmonthotels -

    The Fairmount is a hotel that was meant for families, but works just as well for business travelers. The location has quite a bit of relaxation for the business travelers, but it also helps to get the sushi bar and Asian themed restaurant on site. 

  • 6. The Alise @staypineapple -

    If you ever wanted to see an old skyscraper then you are going to love The Alise. It is a hotel that is in a skyscraper that was built in 1895. The location is great and the atmosphere of the hotel is mindblowing. Great place to stay at with a historic touch for your business trip. 

  • 5. Kinzie Hotel @Kinziehotel -

    Sometimes when you are on business you want to travel with your pet. The Kinzie has a dog walking service, but also a great way to start your morning off with free breakfast as well. The Kinzie does have a stylish look to the rooms and an evening reception to allow you to unwind after a hard day at work.

  • 4. Sofitel Chicago @sofitelchicago -

    The Sofitel is located on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago and it allows for quick access to dining after work and bars. However, what is really nice is the free WiFi you can take advantage of and the great rooms that provide a level of comfort you can get spoiled by.  

  • 3. The Langham Chicago @LanghamChicago -

    The Langham is a great hotel that has some of the nicest rooms you will find in Chicago, but it also has rooms with a view of Lake Michigan. The Langham also makes dining a breeze as they have a full restaurant on the property. 

  • 2. Loews @Loews_Hotels#LoewsOHare -

    Loews is a great place to stay in Chicago because it is close to everything that you need to be at. The place has great rooms as well, but throw in the rooftop lounge and you will be rewarded with a view you cannot beat when you are done working. 

  • 1. ACME Hotel @AcmeHotelCompany -

    The ACME is a business travelers dream as they have free WiFi, but they also have some great rooms that make it easier for you to sit and relax. The ACME does have another thing going and that is the cocktail lounge that makes it very easy for you to relax after a long stressful day in business meetings. 

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