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Top 7 Hamburger Restaurants - Palm Spring

Posted on 17 May 2017 by Elizabeth

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Rubys Diner

Hamburgers are one comfort food that everyone seems to flock to when they get hungry or want some good food. However, when you are traveling what makes a hamburger place a great one to go to? You know the ones that create memories. Well, they have to have great food and atmosphere. With that being the case, we have ranked the top 7 hamburger restaurants in Palm Springs.

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  • 7. Draughtsman @draughtsmanpalmsprings -

    The finest of cocktails with a great burger is something that only an adult can dream of. However, at the Draughtsman that dream quickly becomes a reality for people. The location has some darling burgers that make your mouth start to drool. Our favorite drool picker upper is the Blackened Bleu. 

  • 6. The Habit Burger Grill @habitburger -

    This is a place that can easily become a habit to go eat. However, you will find The Habit Burger Grill is also a place that will provide you with a lot of enjoyment as well because of the great atmosphere and the fantastic food. Our personal favorite from the menu is the BBQ Bacon Charburger. 

  • 5. Tylers Burgers @Tylers-Burgers -

    Tyler's is one of those places that you are simply going to love because you will have a great atmosphere a fantastic patio, but also a place to enjoy everything that you have on your plate. With Tyler's the dish that we simply love to eat is the Bacon Cheeseburger.

  • 4. Tonys Burgers @tonysburgers -

    Tonys Burgers is one of those places that is iconic and you will simply love. The place has a great atmosphere and fantastic food for you to enjoy. Our personal favorite dish from Tonys Burgers is the Texas BBQ Burger that has a great blend of seasoning and spices that make our mouth water. 

  • 3. Grill-A-Burger @grillaburger -

    The decor in Grill-A-Burger will be the first thing that catches your eyes, but the second thing will be the food. The only reason the decor beats the food is you have to wait for perfection to be brought to you. The menu item that we love from Grill-A-Burger is Bacon Me Crazy. 

  • 2. Smokin Burgers & Lounge @smokinburgersps -

    When you go to Smokin' Burgers you will know you have reached a great place. The restaurant has it all going for it from the atmosphere to the great tasting food. Our personal favorite burger is the Big Wow One Pound Burger that has a stunning taste and texture. 

  • 1. Rubys Diner @rubysdiner -

    Having a throw back to the 1940s is a great thing, but it is also a challenge as well because of the authentic look is hard to maintain. However, the food and atmosphere is great in these places and Ruby's Diner is one of those that make this come to life. The burger we love off of the menu is the Ahi Burger that has a taste that is second to none.

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