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Top 7 Hamburger Restaurants - New York City

Posted on 31 May 2017 by Bridge

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JG Melon

New York City is a very large city and definitely is one of those places that you are going to love once you visit it. However, when you are in the city it may be difficult to find the best hamburger restaurant. This is when you should know about the top 7 hamburger restaurants in New York City.

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  • 7. Siggy's Good Food @Siggysnyc -

    Siggy's Good Food is a place that has some great food and it is still fairly new on the scene and will only go up. As much as possible all the food at Siggy's is organic, which is a nice twist as well. The food that we love from here is the turkey burger that has a great profile of food. 

  • 6. Harlem Public @HarlemPublic -

    If you want to have some good old classic food then you cannot really go wrong at Harlem Public. The place does not have anything really bad going for it at all and it even has some classic burgers with a twist. Our favorite is the classic burger, but add on the brown sugar bacon and swiss cheese. 

  • 5. The Spotted Pig @thespottedpignyc -

    A world famous chef, Mario Batali, is the driving force behind The Spotted Pig. He has made a place that has a long wait, but one that you know the wait is worth it. The gastropub here has some great food and the burgers are simply amazing and well worth the wait. The downside is their are so many good burgers we cannot narrow down our list of which one to eat. 

  • 4. Minetta Tavern @Minetta-Tavern -

    Minetta has a tavern like atmosphere, but unlike most bars that have horrible food, this place has the tops for food. Our favorite from the hamburger restaurant is the black label burger, that makes your mouth start watering. 

  • 3. Black Tap @blacktapmeatpacking -

    Black Tap is a place that has the bar style seating only, so you cannot come with the family, but it is a great place for bringing a friend. You just have to make sure you know about the food and the quality to have a great meal. Our personal favorite from Black Tap is the American Burger, which has a profile of taste that is to die for. 

  • 2. Ruby's Cafe @rubysnyc -

    Ruby's Cafe is a close second and barely was beat out for the top burger joint in New York. What is great about Ruby's is each one of the burgers is unique with its own flavor profile, which make it great. Our personal favorite is the Bronte Burger. 

  • 1. J.G. Melon @JGmelonNYC -

    J.G. Melon is a location that has a fantastic atmosphere and some great food to try out as well. When you are here you will notice the place is fairly laid back and not as high stress as a lot of places you eat iat in New York. Our favorite burger from J.G. Melon is the burger with some cheese and bacon it is stunning, but the cottage fries are almost as good. 

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