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Top 7 Hamburger Restaurants - Miami

Posted on 30 May 2017 by Sandy

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Miami is a great city with plenty of action and sea. However, what goes better with spending time by the beach than a quick, but light burger to eat. With that being the case, we have ranked the top 7 hamburger restaurants in Miami.

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  • 7. Burger & Beer Joint Miami @bnbjoint -

    Wickedly awesome beer and great burgers go hand in hand here. At the Burger & Beer Joint you will notice that it is going to have some great food and a party like atmosphere. Our favorite burger from here is the turkey burger that we love. 

  • 6. Taurus @TaurusBeerandWhiskeyHouse -

    Taurus is a restaurant that uses the Zodiac sign for its name. The Taurus restaurant is one that you are going to love because it does have a great feel to it. Our favorite burger from here is nothing more than the simple cheeseburger. 

  • 5. Morgan's Restaurant @MorgansRestaurant -

    Having some great food is a plus, but here you will notice the atmosphere compliments the food perfectly. At Morgan's Restaurant you will notice the place does have some great food as well. Our personal favorite menu item is the succulent beef burger. 

  • 4. Tap 79 @tap79miami -

    With a staff that knows how to take care of you, it is easy to see why you will fall in love with Tap 79. The location also has great beers as well, but what really takes the cake or in this case the burger, is the lamburger that is die for. 

  • 3. Wynwood Diner @wynwoodkitchenandbar -

    When you are at the Wynwood Diner you will find that it is a diner with a great touch of class. The atmosphere and attentive staff help out as well. Our favorite burger is the fatboy. 

  • 2. The Butcher Shop @thebutchershopmiami -

    With a place called the Butcher Shop you cannot really go wrong on what you are going to get. In fact, you will find this location has pretty much everything you will like. Our favorite menu item from the Butcher Shop is the Butcher Shop Mix. 

  • 1. Lokal Burgers & Beer @LoKalMiami -

    With the Lokal Burgers & Beer you will find a location that has some of the great foods you want to have. However, this location has a great atmosphere you will fall in love with as well. Our favorite burger off the menu is the My Childhood Dream that definitely fills my dream.

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