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Top 7 Hamburger Restaurants in Cincinnati

Posted on 14 July 2016 by Kim

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Nothing beats sitting down and grabbing a nice big burger. I know that a lot of places are going to claim to have the best burger in Cincinnati as well. However, what you need to realize is Cincinnati has a ton of small restaurants that have a hidden secret and that is the great burgers they serve. Check out the top 7 burger joints in Cincinnati today.

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  • 7. Maribelle's Eat + Drink @maribellescincy -

    This is a location that makes our final spot on our top 7 hamburger list. The burgers are great here and the atmosphere will definitely make it entertaining for you. What really sets this place up is the fact the burger is not made from beef. The burger is actually made from lamb, so you can enjoy the tasty food you are going to be eating.

  • 6. Red Feather @RedFeatherCincy -

    Burgers are meant to be enjoyed, but eating at the Red Feather you will find the burgers are more enjoyable than what you ever imagined. Not to mention the butter is herb filled and made in house, you simply cannot go wrong here.

  • 5. Gas Light Cafe @gaslight_cafe -

    Burgers are going to be the meal of choice here. The location is close to Cincinnati as it is located in Pleasant Ridge. Great grilled burger and fries in a cool dive bar atmosphere. 

  • 4. Cowaburger @cowaburger -

    This location is not in city of Cincinnati, but is a lovely 30 minute ride through the countryside to reach the Hillsboro location. The best part is the burgers are affordable and huge! Top it off with the fact the burgers can have fair style fries served with them and you have a meal that you simply cannot resist.

  • 3. Bobby's Burger Palace @bobbysburgerpal -

    Sometimes a famous chef will help make a restaurant. That is exactly what you will get when you are at Bobby's Burger Place as this place is one that Bobby Flay helped to launch and treats as one of his own babies. Located at Jack Casino this is by the best Burger Chain burger we have ever had. Add in the 4 home-made sauces that go great with fries and burger and you will not regret this choice.

  • 2. Terry's Turf Club -

    If you want a place that has a great atmosphere that is going to blast out some classic rock while you sit down and eat your burger, you will want to look at Terry's. Full of list of unbelievable burgers plus the throwback neon sign covered wall makes the ambience that much better. Get our Full Terry's Turf Club Review HERE.

  • 1. Zips @ZipsCafe -

    Great food that is going to back up the reason why the place has been in business for 90 years as Zips is staple of the Burger world in Cincinnati. Simple Double Zip Burger with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion is the best burger in the Queen City in our humble opinion. Get our Full Zip's Cafe Review HERE.

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