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Top 7 Hamburger Restaurants - Chicago

Posted on 26 March 2017 by Pam

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Chicago is the Windy City and it is a place that anytime you are near the lake reminds you why it is called the Windy City. With that being the case, though, you need to realize the city has not been neglected with regards to hamburger restaurants. All you have to do is make sure you know the top 7 hamburger restaurants in Chicago to have a great time. 

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  • 7. Kuma's Too @KumasCorner -

    Kuma's is a place you will love because it is going to have some of the best atmosphere and great music. Throw in the almost free flowing beer and great burgers and you have a place that is mindblowing. Our favorite burger is the famous one. The Famous Kuma that will provides you with the great food you want to have. 

  • 6. Edzo's Burger Shop @EdzosBurgerShop -

    Edzo's is a burger restaurant that takes in some of the best options for meals. However, Edzo's is a place that we really love because it has some of the basic burgers and makes it into some of the stunning foods that you would want to have. Our personal favorite is the triple griddled burger.

  • 5. The Bad Apple @badapplebar -

    The Bad Apple is a place that has some great beer that is going to make it easier for you to enjoy the food. However, you will also find the burgers are outstanding and for the most part customizable. Our favorite burger is the Royale with Cheese. 

  • 4. Butcher And The Burger @ButcherBurger -

    Butcher and the Burger is a great restaurant that everyone is going to want to try if they are in Chicago. All you have to do is make sure you know about this place because it is going to blow your mind. The burgers we love from here is Bison Burger that is some of the best food that we have ever tried with this very lean meat.

  • 3. BopNGrill @bopngrill -

    Taking the modern American classic of a hamburger and fusing it together with the Asian style of food is going to be something you will love here. The favorite burger that we love from the Belmont location is the Kimchi burger that is simply stunning dish.

  • 2. Top Notch Beefburgers @Top-Notch-Beefburgers-Inc -

    Top Notch is on what some people refer to as the wrong side, the South Side of Chicago. However, this is a burger joint that really bring about the beauty of Chicago and can unify the city. With the huge burgers, and great food it is easy for you to get the right burger and know it will work for your needs. 

  • 1. Brgrbelly @BRGRBELLY -

    BrgrBelly is a great location that you will love. The place has some of the best burgers around and with the handcrafted sodas make this place a great one. Our favorite burger from the menu is the Easy Rider and it was a burger that goes down so easy it is mindblowing. 

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