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Top 7 Hamburger Restaurants - Austin

Posted on 3 June 2017 by Mike

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Casino El Camino

Going out and grabbing a hamburger is something that everyone does at some point when they are traveling. Usually because it is quick and easy to get, but also because it is a hard meal to mess up. With that being the case, finding the perfect restaurant to eat at is the challenge. To make it easier we have found the top 7 hamburger restaurants in Austin.

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  • 7. Black Sheep Lodge @BlackSheepLodge78704 -

    With a great patio area and a fantastic bar the Black Sheep Lodge comes in 7th. The place has an atmosphere that will make you want to hang out with your friends. The hamburger that we like is not really a hamburger, but a chicken fried burger that is out of this world. 

  • 6. Burger Tex @BurgerTex -

    The name says Burger and an abbreviation for Texas, so you know that you cannot really go wrong here. The place is simply great food and fantastic eats at the same time. The best burger we found is the Bulgogi Burger that has some great food and a nice flavor profile as well.

  • 5. Counter Cafe @countercafeatx -

    As the name says the place is a great one that is going to have most of the food served at the Counter with some intimate table seating along the wall. Our favorite dish from Counter Cafe is the basic burger with some of the usual toppings.

  • 4. Top Notch @topnotchaustin -

    Top Notch is a burger restaurant that seems to take everything a step above. The place is great with the atmosphere and the food quality. Our personal favorite, I do have to say is the plain burger as long as you add the bacon to it for a great flavor profile.

  • 3. Hut's Hamburgers @hutshamburgersatx -

    Located within views of the skyscrapers of Austin you will find Hut's. This is a place to shock you with the atmosphere and the beauty of the place being some of the best around. You just have to try the Alan Freed Burger. 

  • 2. P. Terrys Burger Stand @pterrys -

    P. Terrys Burger Stand may remind you of the older burger restaurants with the car hops. However, do not be fooled by the location as the food is far from the older style burgers. The one burger that we do love is the cheeseburger because it simple has a flavor we cannot match, even when we make our own burgers. 

  • 1. Casino El Camino @Casino-El-Camino -

    This is a bar and grill, but you will find that the prices are reasonable and for this place being a bar it has some great burgers. The atmosphere is not that bad either as it is a bar. However, our favorite burger is the buffalo burger that is simple stunning presentation and blend of flavors.

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