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Top 7 Food Trucks - Washington DC

Posted on 26 July 2017 by Adam

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Basil Thyme

When you head to some cities you will find they have a huge food truck scene. However, the issue that a lot of people have is they do not want to take time out of the day to find a sit down meal. They just want to get some food on the go, but finding unique food on the go is hard. That is why we have ranked the top 7 food trucks in Washington D.C.

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  • 7. Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats @mmmgoodies -

    Do you want to have a great dessert without having to really go out and explore the city for dessert based restaurants? If that is the case then you have to try Goodies. The place is amazing and the best part is the maple bacon donut ice cream sandwich. 

  • 6. Puddin' @dcpuddin -

    In D.C. you are a long way from the swamps of Cajun country. However, what is great about D.C. is all the food options and Puddin' definitely gives you that option for Creole and Cajun style food. What you will love from here is the gumbo that is out of this world.

  • 5. Swizzler @swizzlerfoods -

    Hot dogs off of a food truck is almost like eating hot dogs from the stands in New York. However, what is great is Swizzler has some of the best food around for the hot dogs and the unique style they make it in. What is even better is the cuts in the hot dogs makes it easier to add on all of the gourmet items you would want to have in a hot dog, but never knew you needed. 

  • 4. Red Hook Lobster @RedHookLobsterPoundDC -

    Seafood is something that you may want to have when you are looking at the food trucks and D.C.'s proximity to the sea. However, if you want quality seafood on the go you have to stop at Red Hook Lobster. This is a place that has great seafood and the shrimp rolls and if you can clam chowder on the side. 

  • 3. Peruvian Brothers @PeruvianBrothers -

    How often do you have a chance to see an Olympic athlete, let alone have them make you food? The answer is probably not that often, but at Peruvian Brothers you have that option. What is great from Peruvian Brothers is the slow roasted pork served on the French style bread. 

  • 2. Lilypad On The Run @Lilypad-on-the-Run -

    If you have never tried East African style food, then you are in for a fantastic treat. The food truck, which was going to be more of a Mediterranean style food serves the classic spicy East African cuisine now. What we really love is the sega wot. 

  • 1. Basil Thyme @BasilThyme -

    Basil Thyme is a food truck you are going to love to eat at. The place has some of the best food around and what is even better it has a tendency to use the made from scratch Italian food as the food of choice. The food is out of this world and the lasagna is amazing. 

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