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Top 7 Food Trucks - St Louis

Posted on 31 October 2017 by Cameron

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2 Girls 4 Wheels

Food trucks are a major draw for any city. However, for a lot of travelers they are not even aware a city has a food truck at times and let alone how awesome the food is. Since this is the case, I have decided it was time for me to head out and rank the top 7 food trucks in Saint Louis. 

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  • 7. Yo! Salsa @Yo-Salsa -

    The name of Yo! Salsa is pretty much self explanatory on the food they are serving. However, the food that is served here is simply amazing and the place has a great atmosphere to go here. I personally love the BBQ Nachos from here because it is great. 

  • 6. Steamroller @steamrollerstl -

    Steamroller is a great place for some good treats. What is really nice is  the pricing is affordable and the truck just celebrated its five year anniversary. We really love teh Kool Jules sandwich which is simply put amazing.

  • 5. Seoul Taco @SeoulTaco -

    Seoul Taco is another place that has some great food that you can enjoy. The best part is this is an Asian twist place that has Mexican and Asian food combined. The Burrito is one dish you will absolutely fall in love with here as it is an Asian take on the Mexican classic.

  • 4. Locoz Tacoz @LocozTacoz -

    The name pretty much gives it away on what type of food you are going to get from here. However, one thing it does not say is amazing which is what you are going to get. The one thing you will regret is not getting a couple of orders of the fish tacos. 

  • 3. Steak Louie @Steak-Louie -

    Steak Louie is great and amazing. However, it is definitely a place you are going to enjoy the food from because it is downtown for the most part, but also the food and service are quick. The cheese steak from here is good and can even fool people from Philadelphia. 

  • 2. The Cheese Shack @The-Cheese-Shack -

    The Cheese Shack is a place that is going to have some very recognizable food. The place serves some amazing food and the gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches you have available to try are amazing and simply out of this world good. 

  • 1. 2 Girls 4 Wheels @2-Girls-4-Wheels -

    If you are looking for a great down home type of food truck then you cannot go wrong with 2 girls 4 wheels. The truck is great and the girls are amazing, but what you are really going to love is the pulled pork. 

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