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Top 7 Food Trucks - Philadelphia

Posted on 12 June 2017 by Carrie

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Gigi and big r

Grabbing a bite to eat on the go is very important in the fast paced modern day society. However, what you need to realize is finding the best food truck to make this possible can be a challenge. To overcome the challenge, when you are in Philadelphia, we have ranked the top 7 food trucks in Philadelphia. 

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  • 7. Cloud Coffee @cloudcoffeephilly -

    Cloud Coffee is a great place that you are going to like because it has great drinks and are faster than any of the coffee houses that you are going to find around town. The coffee is great here and is very dark and bold, perfect for recovering from a night out on town. 

  • 6. Taco Loco @Taco-Loco -

    Mexican cuisine works great for a food truck and you can definitely see that at Taco Loco. This is a great food truck and one that has food that you are sure to enjoy. When you are eating at Taco Loco you have to try to steak tacos. 

  • 5. Local 215 @Local215 -

    Do you want to have some great food and not pay an outrageous price for the food? Then you will want to make sure you check out Local 215. The dish that we love from Local 215 is the pork fritters that are simply amazing. 

  • 4. Poi Dog Snack Shop @PoiDogPhilly -

    Poi Dog takes the Hawaiian cuisine and elevates it to the next level. This is a food truck that is simply amazing and has all the food you would want to have. Our favorite dish from this truck is mochiko and furikake battered chicken.  

  • 3. Sugar Philly @sugarphilly -

    Not all the food trucks are about getting you filled up with healthy foods. Sometimes you just have to take a leap and make foods that are going to be less than healthy, but a snack food. That is where Sugar Philly comes in. This place has some of the best food we have ever had and we love the French Macaroons. 

  • 2. Magic Carpet @MagicCarpetFoods -

    When you are a vegetarian you know that your food options are limited in what you can get from food trucks. However, when you are eating at Magic Carpet you will find it has a lot of options available for you to enjoy. Our favorite dish from Magic Carpet is the el gringo.

  • 1. Gigi and Big R @GiGi_BigR -

    When you want to have food from a food truck, you want food that is meant to come from a truck. That is exactly what you get from Gigi and Big R that serves more of a Caribbean style food to eat. The dish that we love from this food truck is the Curried chicken. 

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