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Top 7 Food Trucks - Orlando

Posted on 21 March 2017 by Beth

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The Big Cheese

Orlando is definitely a tourist town that people love to travel to. However, what you need to realize is Orlando is quickly becoming a food lover's destination. With that being the case, food trucks are a great way to sample the food of Orlando on the go. Here are what we view as the top 7 food trucks in Orlando.

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  • 7. Monsta Lobsta @monstalobsta -

    Bring a touch of Maine to Florida is what you are going to get here. The Monsta Lobsta is a place that will allow you to have a great selection of seafood dishes. Our favorite dish is the Spicy Lobster Roll Smothered In Bisque. 

  • 6. Peru Powerfood Truck @perupowerfood -

    When you are in Florida you may feel at times that you are in Peru, but you need to realize that you are not. This is very true when you eat at the Peru Powerfood truck. This is a place that has authentic Peruvian food from a truck. Our favorite dish from the company is Ceviche Mixto, which is a great shrimp dish. 

  • 5. Kona Dog @KonaDogFL -

    Kona Dog is a place that will put a piece of Hawaii in Orlando. You will be able to enjoy quite a wide selection of food from the food truck and know you will have a chance to get the best food possible. Our favorite dish is the Hula Dog, which has to be one of the best meals possible. 

  • 4. Louie's Bistro @LouiesBistro -

    Louies is a place we fell in love with. The place has a great atmosphere and a lively staff that makes ordering some of the great food awesome. We really love the Grilled Jerk Chicken Sandwich which is a sandwich that we have to get at least once when we find the food truck. 

  • 3. Firehouse BBQ -

    Firehouse BBQ food truck is one that you are going to love. This is a food truck that has some great looks to it, but also a great food. Our favorite dish from the food truck is the Four Alarm, which lines up with the firehouse theme. 

  • 2. Treehouse Truck @treehousetruck -

    Treehouse Truck is a truck you will love to eat at. The place has some of the best burgers possible and it gives you a great option for the menu selection as well. Our favorite dish from the truck is Rachel's Goat Cheese Burger. 

  • 1. The Big Cheese @TheBigCheeseFL -

    The Big Cheese is a food truck that we love eating at in Orlando. The place has some great food and when you are at the truck you are sure to bump into some friends. Our favorite meal from The Big Cheese is the Dagwood sandwich that they have available. 

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