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Top 7 Food Trucks - New York City

Posted on 8 May 2017 by Bridget

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Uncle Gussys

New York City is well known for having Broadway, classic restaurants, and a beautiful skyline. However, the city is also known for having great food that you are going to want to know about is the food truck scene as well. Since that is the case, we have rated the top 7 food trucks in New York. 

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  • 7. Red Hook Lobster Food Truck @lobstertruckNY -

    When you want to have some great seafood then you will realize it often means going to a restaurant. However, here you will find there's some great seafood in the New England style from the Red Hook Lobster truck. Our favorite dish from the truck is the lobster. 

  • 6. Souvlaki Food Truck @souvlakigr -

    Mykonos is a place that you are going to love because it brings some great food with it. At this location you are going to find the Souvlaki Food truck bring a lot of the Aegean Sea to you. Our favorite dish from the food truck is any of the dishes on the menu as they are great tasting! 

  • 5. Wafels and Dinges @waffletruck -

    Belgian style is a great thing that you are going to like about Wafels & Dinges. They are a place that has some of the high quality food you would expect from a fine dining establishment not a food truck. However, the food is excellent and the people are great. Our favorite menu item is the Liege Wafels. 

  • 4. Patacon Pisao @pataconpisaonyc -

    Finding the authentic Venezuelan cuisine in  New York City can be a good thing. However, coming from a food truck makes it even better. At this food truck you get exactly that and the quality of the food is mind blowing good. Our favorite food is the Pernil Tachuchos. 

  • 3. Jiannetto's Pizza Truck @JiannettosPizza -

    New York Style pizza is something that you often think about going into the pizzeria and picking up from the windows. However, this is a great place that is a food truck that has the great food that you have come to expect. Our personal favorite dish from the food truck is not the pizza, but the baked ziti. 

  • 2. Korilla @korillabbq -

    Korilla is a spin off of the classic build your own wrap type of places for Mexican and Korean style food. With that being the case, the location has taken and made the food here some of the best possible from the food truck. Our personal favorite dish is the build your own burrito. 

  • 1. Uncle Gussy's @unclegussys -

    Uncle Gussys is easily one of the best food trucks that everyone is going to love. The place is a Greek style food truck and has some of the best food in town. Our favorite dish from Uncle Gussy's is the Gyro Platter that is a stunning dish that we love to eat each time we are here. 

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