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Top 7 Food Trucks - Miami

Posted on 24 April 2017 by Sandy

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Ms Cheezious

Miami has a great food scene going on and with all the beaches easily has some great food trucks to help support them. With that being said, we have decided it was time to rate the top 7 food trucks in Miami. 

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  • 7. Latin Burger @latinburger -

    Latin Burger is a great food truck that is at all of the major events that happen in Miami. Overall, we can see why once we have eaten at this location and taste the great food. The favorite burger that you can get from here is ours the Macho Burger. 

  • 6. Hip Pops @HipPOPsTruck -

    Not all of the food trucks in Miami are about eating. When you are at a food truck you may want something cold and unique to drink, especially in Miami. That is when you will love Hip Pops. Not to mention the great ice cream you get from here as well makes this place great. Our favorite is the Cappuccino Crush. 

  • 5. Gastropod Miami @gastropodMiami -

    Gastropod is a food truck that you will absolutely love because of the unique characteristics of the food. The truck is great as well because the people are very fun loving and enjoy the work they are doing. When you are eating at this location the food you must try is the sliders they make. 

  • 4. El rey de Las Fritas @reydelasfritas -

    Cuban food is definitely something that you will love when you are in Miami and that is exactly what you get at El rey de Las Fritas. This food truck is great for the food and locations they have. The dish that we really love is the one they have featured on the website is the Original Cuban Burger. 

  • 3. Colombian Extreme @colombianextremefood -

    Colombian is a great place that you are going to enjoy because it is going to have a unique flair that you are not really used to. The dish we really like from Colombian Extreme is the grilled chicken. 

  • 2. Monster Bite Food Truck @Monster-Bite-Food-Truck -

    Monster Bite is a great place and one that you will really love to eat at. The food is excellent and tends to be in the proper abundance. Our personal favorite from Monster Bite is the great burger and fries. 

  • 1. Ms. Cheezious @mscheezious -

    Ms. Cheezious is a great grilled cheese food truck that we love. The food that you can get from here is top of the line, but the way the grilled cheese sandwiches have been perfected it is simply divine. Our personal is favorite is the Grilled Blue and Bacon. 

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